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Kenya Leads Sub-Saharan Africa in Burger Orders, Reports Glovo

by Femme Staff

Glovo, the world’s leading multi-category app, has released its annual report on burger consumption in Kenya in celebration of International Burger Day on 28th May 2024.

According to Glovo’s latest report, burger consumption in Kenya saw a 35% increase from May 2023 to April 2024. This achievement makes Kenya the #1 country in Sub-Saharan Africa for the highest number of burger orders delivered, with Nigeria and Uganda following respectively. It also ranks Kenya #2 among all African markets in the number of customers with burger orders, just behind Morocco.

In total, 34 tons of burgers were delivered, meaning Kenyans consumed about 34,000 large watermelons! And if stacked, all burgers delivered would reach an astonishing height of 17,535 meters – that’s taller than Mount Everest, which stands at 8,845 meters!

Chicken remains the favorite, responsible for 45% of burgers delivered in the last 12 months, making it the top choice among Kenyans. Beef burgers come in second place, followed by the highly coveted cheeseburger. Fries, wings, and salad were the top sides added to burger orders. However, Smash burgers are the big trends this year, with growth rates of 444%.

Sunday, March 10th recorded the highest burger consumption, with at least one burger delivered every minute. February saw the highest burger consumption, followed by April and January. The most expensive burger order was placed in Nairobi, costing KES 27,180.

Nairobi accounted for 80% of the orders, with Mombasa coming in second place and Ngong-Rongai-Karen in third place. Significant growth was seen in Diani, with a 21,920% increase in burger deliveries, Kikuyu with 1,681%, and Thika with 96%.

Caroline Mutuku, General Manager of Glovo Kenya, commented, “The massive growth we’ve recorded underscores our commitment to excellence in service. Our partners’ continued trust in us shows our dedication to championing local businesses across the country.”

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