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Things You Should Have In Your Handbag – And Probably Don’t

by Femme Staff
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It has often been said that ladies carry too many things in their handbags. But here are still things we forget to carry every once in a while and we are often caught flat footed when the need for them arises. Here are a few things we can add to our already heavy laden handbags.

Cash especially in small denominations and even coins

We’re in the information age all right and are rapidly moving towards a cashless society but we’re not yet there. You’ll make life so much easier if you can buy 20 bob worth of bananas and actually pay with an exact amount or in a denomination not so outrageously bigger. Handing the roadside vendor a big denomination note is not only a problem to them but to yourself too.

Flash light

You know how it goes. You get home to a black out you can barely make out the stairs let alone your lock. Save yourself time and more agitation by always having a flash light in your purse. Groping for a candle and lighter in the house at that time and in that flustered state can be avoided by always having a flash light. A lot of times there’ll be one on your phone but you can still have a small torch as backup for when your phone is out of charge.


Aches and pains and especially headaches sometimes seem to strike from nowhere and at the worst times of day. Have some paracetamol in your purse in case this emergency catches you far away from a pharmacy. Have antihistamines for sudden allergy attacks, antacids and any other over the counter meds you feel would do you good based on how you know your health.

Hand sanitizer

Germs are everywhere. On your supermarket cart, mouse, laptop and on your headphones among other things. We’re nibbling things all the time these days and may not be in a position or even have the inclination to clean our hands in the recommended manner before eating. Hand sanitizer in form of wipes or spray in purse size is a must have.

Breath mints

A lady got to feel and smell good all the time and the mouth is no exception. Fresh breath also gives you the confidence to face people and talk to them. Here’s to full on confidence while pitching that idea or making that presentation. And of course when talking or getting close to that hot guy you met in the lift.

A light shawl or scarf

To add punch to an outfit, to cover up for wardrobe malfunctions and just to be prepared for an unexpected chill or light rain.

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