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Sexy Feminine Chiffon And How To Wear It

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5204798980_38ee9d6e55_zChiffon is one of those fashion elements that have refused to go away, having been in fashion circles since the 19th century. This is with good reason. Chiffon screams chic, graceful and altogether fashionably whimsical. It is lightweight, easy to clean and quick drying, making it a very friendly staple that every woman should have a few pieces of in her wardrobe. Here are a few key points to note when wearing chiffon.

How to wear

Chiffon can be made into any item of clothing and can be worn over anything. It looks particularly beautiful and utterly feminine when made into ruffled outfits. Chiffon will look great as a dress and often all that is needed for this is a thin belt to complete the look. Chiffon blouses are great over jeans, fitting skirts, shorts and trousers. Care has to be taken not to overwhelm the look though. If any half of an outfit, say, a blouse or skirt is in printed chiffon, then the other half should be in a plain colour. The chiffon look can also be incorporated into an outfit in the form of a cute scarf thrown over a formal outfit or tied to the front side of a handbag.

Cover up

Chiffon is as flimsy as it is feminine and one downside is that it will not protect you much from chilly weather. Always have something to cover it up as weather changes in the course of the day. A great blazer, coat or shawl will serve this purpose. Weather aside, the sheer nature of chiffon will not always be appropriate for certain environments like the office so a blazer will serve to close that gap and make the outfit formal. A good cover up for a casual look is a denim jacket.


Keep accessories toned down when wearing chiffon. Overdoing them could end up making the overall look a bit heavy and this is in direct contradiction with the simplicity and elegance which are the essence of dressing in chiffon. You should be even more careful if the fabric you’re wearing has a lot of prints and flowers. On that note, do not overdo chiffon itself. It is a sheer blow in the wind kind of fabric and although you need quite a bit of fabric to give it enough body, too much of it can end up messing with the shape of the outfit.


A section of the fashion world is quite risqué in recent years and a lot of people have no qualms baring their innerwear and particularly bras under this barely there fabric. Etiquette gurus and a large percentage of society will usually be against this but there is only so much the world can do about personal choice. If this be your style, go for it. However, it is enough that you’re showing your bra to the world and the most you can do is to make sure it is absolutely top notch in quality, look and design. It has got to be in good condition and in the right colour. There is of course the more common option of stitching chiffon over a more opaque fabric to make it less see through and to give the outfit more body and fullness. One can also wear a same colour camisole or slip underneath blouses or dresses. This also goes a long way for decency and modesty.

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