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Good Healthy Habits For A Happier You

by Femme Staff

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. Habits have a source. Whether you choose to feed good habits or bad habits. You may take sugar because everyone around you takes but this is still a habit that has been cultivated over time.

Changing bad habits to good habits may seem as a daunting task, but it only requires you to take that one step to change and shift from your comfort zone. Making decisions are critical to having and living the life you want. Healthy habits ensure you live a happier life. Yes, we will all die at some point, but living with a healthy conscience whether within or outside will go a long way in ensuring you live a productive and happier life. Being a healthy person on the inside will definitely radiate itself on the outside. The secret to this lies in your daily routine.

Maintaining and developing a good healthy habit requires a determined mind and utmost consistency. It requires a will power to face all challenges that will cross your path as you reach your expected goal weight. Get these healthy habits right, and you will be well on your way to maintaining a healthy body weight and become a happier you.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast

This is a mandatory rule. Breakfast does not mean that as long as you have had a cup of tea in the morning this is okay. This should be a sustainable amount of breakfast. A breakfast where you can easily eat a balanced meal at the start of the day. Eating a reasonable amount of breakfast will lead to more weight loss than eating a small sized amount of breakfast.

If you claim you don’t have time to sit and have breakfast, then you will need to create time. If you don’t sacrifice what you want, what you want becomes a sacrifice by itself. Hence, if you don’t create time to make breakfast in the morning you will not achieve your weight goal. You could even make your breakfast beforehand in the evening or a whole batch for the week depending on your schedule. Here you could include yoghurt, cereals, eggs, whole weight grain in your preferences. Everything great exists because of sacrifice.

Drink more water

Water, and just plain water as it is, is a perfect cleanser. You do not require to have expensively made juice blends to achieve a good cleansing regime. Water does it for you just as well. Drink at least 2 litres of water daily.

Water helps you prevent kidney stones by preventing your kidneys from working overtime, consistent bowel movements, nourishes your skin and hair and it’s very essential when you work out because muscles need it to stay energized.

Eat your fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, key nutrient factors required in our daily lives. Add fruits to your breakfast and snacks. Fill half of your plate with vegetables for lunch and dinner. You can even decide to have vegetable or fruit salad for lunch and even supper. People who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables happen to have lower rates of cardiovascular related diseases.

Explore traditional herbs and medicines

There’s some beauty in these traditional herbs and medicines that have kept our ancestors alive and healthy for centuries. Exploring the safe ones and incorporating them into your health routine is certainly of benefit. If you’re wondering where to start with this, you could have a look at XRP Medical Kenya – a company approved and certified by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board to operate in the country.

Get between 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day

Research has shown that people who get significantly less than seven hours a night die younger. And some research shows that people who sleep more than nine hours also have problems. With this, experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep to achieve a healthy lifestyle for adults.

Cut your sugar intake

Sugar is associated with great risks of metabolic syndrome such as a larger waist circumference, obesity, higher blood pressure and high cholesterol among many other lifestyle diseases. Sugar can be in the form of soda, processed juice, energy drinks and even sweetened processed tea and artificial sweeteners. You can create a healthy habit from consuming processed sugar by eating fruits and nuts to neutralise your sugar cravings.

Always remember, a healthy happier lifestyle is built on a foundation of healthy habits.

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