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Common Questions About Downy Fabric Softener Answered

by Femme Staff
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What happens if I get experimental and mix different variants of Downy?

You are free to experiment with the different variants to create your own mix! The fragrances in Downy, however, have been designed by expert perfumers and should be used as stand alones to give you a delightful scent experience throughout the entire laundry process.

Will Downy mask the residue smell of bleach?

Downy’s perfume oils penetrate deep into the fibres to release a fresh scent all day long. It is not designed to mask any particular scent, but you will most likely notice that the bleach smell will be considerably less.

What if my laundry gets rained on after rinsing with downy? Does it wash off? Would I have to rinse in Downy again?

Because Downy penetrates deep into the fibres of your clothes, a typical rain shower will not rinse the product out of the clothes. Downy only gets removed when you wash your clothes in detergent.

What happens to the effectiveness of Downy if I leave my clothes in the sun for too long?

This does not affect the Downy performance. However, whether the clothes are treated with Downy or not, you may see discoloration on your clothes if they have been exposed to direct sunlight too often for too a long time.

I personally have a tendency to use a little more fabric softener than is recommended by the manufacturer, thinking that it will add more fragrance and last this much longer. Am I ruining my clothes?

No you are not! Downy has a dosage recommendation on pack for those who want to have added freshness.

What makes downy different from other fabric softeners in the market?

New Downy concentrate provides long-lasting freshness all day long. Because downy is concentrated, you can use less (only 20ml or 1/3rd of a cap), meaning you save up to 25% per wash when compared to other fabric softeners in the market.

Will Downy pair well with all detergents?

Yes you can use Downy with any detergent though it is recommended by Ariel. The great stain removal capabilities of Ariel and the sweet fragrance of downy will combine to give you an unbeatable laundry experience.

Does Downy have any reactions on sensitive skin?

Ingredients in Downy have been extensively tested to ensure that the likelihood of skin allergies is negligible. All ingredients have a long history of safe use and none of them have shown a potential to cause skin allergies at the levels used in product.

As with any detergent in case of extremely sensitive or broken skin, care should be taken when handling the product. We can also not rule out the possibility of an individual’s sensitivity to a particular ingredient. If you have an allergy, then consult your doctor about which ingredients you may need to take precautions with.

The fabric conditioner smoothes fibres, reducing the mechanical friction against the skin and therefore helps avoid delicate skin becoming irritated.  Many dermatological studies have been run, with random human volunteers on Downy which demonstrate that Downy and Downy-treated fabrics are safe for the skin.

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