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5 Reasons To Watch Blackish

by Femme Staff
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Blackish season 2 premiers 23rd September 2015 and judging from Season 1, I will put all my cards out there and say that this is one sitcom TV show that is worth every minute you will spend watching it. It is funny and educational at the same time, with the occasional jabs at current happenings in the world. Here are five reasons why you should watch it.

It teaches us that parents do not have to be the enemy

Blackish portrays a side of parents that is swanky and strict at the same time. Dre, the husband and father,(played by Anthony Anderson) and his wife Rainbow(played by Tracee Ellie Ross), have developed an amazing relationship with their kids, such that they are more like their friends than their parents. They give their children just the required right of freedom to do as they please but also maintain a certain level of discipline to keep their kids in check. They let their kids make their own choices and decisions only chipping in to guide them and give them counsel.

Insists on the importance of family

Blackish teaches us that family is the most basic and most important unit that should be held in high esteem and highly valued. Dre and Rainbow ensure that their family spends quality time together, they stand up for their kids in whatever bad circumstances they find themselves in and they teach their kids always to support one another and help each other out. One time, when Jack, the younger son has a baseball game, Dre makes T-shirts for the entire family branded ‘Team Johnson’ and insists that all the members be present at the game in support of their brother. They even play pranks on each other and play the dozens, popularly known here as mchongoano.

Money is not everything

The Johnsons are very rich. They have everything they could wish for and can buy anything they want. In spite of all this the parents teach their children on the importance of working for their own money, they even see to it that they all get jobs. Dre takes the family to a Pay-According-To-Your-Weight steak house that offers cheap meat just to give them a feel of what it was like for him growing up. Blackish teaches us that all the money in the world can not make you happy, and there are far more important things in life.

The script is witty and hilarious

I have to give it to Kenya Barris. This one is epic. The script has very cocky lines that will leave you grasping at your ribs and laughing yourself crazy. The characters themselves are quite the circus-Dre has issues about anything and everything related to being black, Bow lives a crazy life of balancing between her career as a doctor and her job as a mother, Zoey just wants to be left alone to her popular life, Andre Junior is nerdy and can be very dumb most of the times, Jack just wants to make his Daddy proud and his twin sister mad and Diane is the family’s Einstein.

Reminds us to be who we are no matter where we are.

This is a family that is very rich and lives in a neighborhood otherwise populated by white folk. Dre maintains being black in character at work even though his boss is white. Andre Junior gets into the Republicans club at school just so he can please a girl, but ends up quitting, not without his parents having a major verbal altercation with the girl’s parents who are Republicans despite their being black. Blackish reminds us that every individual is unique in their own sense and that we do not have to go out of our way and do despicable things just to fit in or to prove a point.

Get yourself a copy of Season 1 today if you haven’t. Then join the rest of we Blackish diehards as we laugh and learn our ways through Season 2. You certainly won’t regret it.

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