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8 Things I Learnt At The CBA Concours d’Elegance Event

by Laura Wambi Arina

Concours Capture

If you did not attend the CBA Concours d’Elegance event held at Ngong Racecourse on Sunday, you missed out on a very thrilling and fulfilling experience. You denied your eyes the chance to see and witness very nice cars and bikes, your mouth the opportunity to savour the delicacies that were flowing in plenty, your ears the thrilling sound of good soulful music and your entire being the chance to experience an event like no other.

It was a good time and whilst I let loose and had mad fun, which was my main purpose of going, I learnt a couple of things;

Kenyans will be Kenyans

They had to wait till the peak of the event to get there, or at least try to. By four in the evening, most of Ngong Road seemed like a parking lot, with people still trying to get to the event. There was the occasional chatter about how the organizers should have done this or that to prevent the traffic snarl-up, especially from those who were stuck, but the point is, start early if you want to arrive early. There is no other way about it.

A child owns a very classic vintage car

Very tiny and petite she is. At first sight you’d think she’s just an ordinary kiddo, trying to get a picture of herself with the car taken. Then you overhear a conversation in which someone says she actually owns the car! For a person that does not even have a wheelbarrow to her name, I feel like my life is wasted.

Selfies are here to stay

If CBA earned a shilling for every selfie that was taken at the event, they’d have enough to cover the teachers’ arrears. You should have seen the people there, snapping away, making funny faces and capturing the cars and bikes as selfie backgrounds. Even the kids have caught on, and are doing it like pros. I don’t know about groundies or footies but selfies are not going anywhere. Not anytime soon.

Purple hat

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Nairobi ladies never disappoint, fashionwise

The fashion at the event was a sight for sore eyes. The ladies came dressed in all kinds of fashion, all sizes, all cuts and colours. Even the men were not left behind, as some showed up dressed like it was do-or-die. Sun glasses carried the day, as car lovers rocked them with perfection, what with the glaring sun.

Kenya values family

It was more of a family Sunday, as people flocked in with their spouses and kids to the event. There was bonding, playing and a whole lot of family time and it was a pleasant thing to note that Kenyans do value family very much. Bravo.

Elani will do anything but deliver sub-standard performances to their fans

The band rocked the after-party and they shook it pretty hard, in a positive way. At the beginning of their performance there was a little mis-coordination between the vocalists and the music band and their microphones were not appropriately set. Elani actually stopped mid-song, and asked that the mishaps be corrected before they could go on! Great show of integrity right there. Their performance after that was perfect.

Dj Joe Mfalme is AWESOME

Not to overstate or praise him too much, but he was the light of the after-party.

A goon by any other name…

Finally, after the party died down and it was time to leave, goons( I choose to call them this because the only other words I can think about would be censored immediately) had to pass right through the fenced boundaries on their way out, breaking off planks of wood and trampling on young trees. Need I also mention that littering, any form of it, automatically qualifies you as a goon?

Hats off to CBA. Good job, great event. We will talk about the Concours d’Elegance for a very long time.

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