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New Windows 10 Lumia Phones; There’s Something For Everyone

by Nessa Shera

Microsoft 950

Imagine being able to connect your phone directly to your laptop and enjoy applications, office documents, and full HD movies on the extended screen of your computer. Even making or receiving calls while running other applications on your laptop. With the new Windows 10 Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL, all these can become reality. Without the hustle of using Bluetooth or email to transfer your work back and forth, I could only assume how much more work could get done in a shorter span of time.

The Microsoft Lumia 950 basically has the immense ability to transform a mobile device into a PC-like experience. In addition the phone comes with the latest-generation PureView cameras with 20-megapixel sensors, triple LED natural flash and 4K video capture. The Microsoft Lumia 950 and Microsoft Lumia 950 XL enable faster focus and crisper images and videos, perfect for those who love taking pictures. It sounds compelling, but how much does a device with such unique features go for? The Microsoft Lumia 950 is selling for KES 65,000 while the Lumia 950 XL version, which has a larger in display, retails at KES 69,999. Despite the lack of applications Microsoft provides as compared to Android devices, the phone should work seamlessly with those who desire work completed in an efficient, simple and prompt manner.

If a phone going for half a hundred thousand shillings sounds too farfetched, there’s always a little something for those who are more budget conscience. For just Kshs. 23,000 you can own the stylish, sleek, sophisticated, and ultra-thin Microsoft Lumia 650. Its crisp 5 inch HD display provides a clear and bright viewing experience, even in direct sunlight. The Microsoft Lumia 650 also features up to 200GB of expandable memory for flexibility on the go. Despite being affordable, you’d be able to walk around showing off one of Microsoft’s sexier looking gadgets. Even cheaper still is the Microsoft Lumia 550 running on Windows 10, at the price of Kshs. 13, 999. The device combines superfast Internet, and the best of Microsoft services.

Windows 10 empowers users to do more with their devices; it’s more personal, more productive safer and more secure. It’s not just about the device itself, but what you’re able to get done with it.  It’s up to date and offers the best solution for business minded customers, with a secure platform offering rich manageability and organization.

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