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Stuck In Traffic? 4 Ways To While Away Time

by Femme Staff

It’s inevitable; you’re going to get stuck in traffic at one point or another. Time is still money. You may just achieve just a little more during that period, rather than attempting to cover a few inches with your vehicle. Think about your time in traffic as a getaway from everyday life, not an irritating hindrance keeping you from reaching you destination. It can be a time of reflection, and self-improvement. Here are a few ways you can make traffic work for you;

Grow Your Online Presence; I’m talking about growing your friends/followers/circles on social media. Sounds shallow, but if you’re attempting to be in anything that may need a little social media support, like a job in the media or maybe blogging part time, gaining more exposure couldn’t hurt. Social media is packed full of opportunities waiting to be yours, from competitions, to job offers etc. It’s always an advantage to expand as much as possible in this area.

Read a Book; Not a blog, not a magazine, not even the free Daily Newspaper you get in the morning, but a book. Whether its non-fiction, or self-help oriented. It can help you grow your creative flow, or improve yourself as an individual in a particular area of life. You may even learn something new, either way; it’s a good habit to form.

Stop Your Bad Habits; Talking about habits. You say you want to lose weight, yet the boredom in traffic leads to snack on the Oreos your child left in the car. Maybe your stranded situation seems like a good time to take a sip of that beer in the back seat, maybe smoke up a little too. Well…this needs to stop. Ensure that your New Year’s resolutions are achieved by maintaining a sober, disciplined persona throughout your vehicle ride.

Cleaning Your Car; women in particular are said to have incredibly dirty vehicles, this is the time to get your car in order. Pick up your litter, brush the food crumbs off your seats, and feel a sense of achievement wash over you once the car appears to look a bit more organized. That, and you won’t have to take time out of another day to clean up.

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