Something is coming soon from Tecno – the Tecno Phone Pad 3. The device which will run on Android 6 will come with interesting features, some of which we know of already. We’ll certainly keep you posted once its out.

In the meantime, some few features:


The Tecno Phone Pad 3 will come with a brushed metal body, giving it a rough yet elegant finish. It will also come with a smart cover which will be functional in its own way, acting as a prop for the tab as well as a SIM Card and pin holder. The cover will also have a cut out window that will display a clock, allow users to answer or hang up calls and also play music. All without accessing the whole tab.


The tab will have a 4100mAh battery with power saving technology to extend battery life. Roughly, users can expect to get 12 hours of video, or 48 hours of music or 9 hours of browsing.


The device will come with a 13MP back camera and 5MP front selfie camera which will come with a face beat feature. This will make make-up loving girls and boys very happy because they can totally transform their selfies with full make up after taking them.

Fingerprint scanner

A feature that I’m already loving is that the fingerprint scanner is on the side of the device and the same can be used to scroll up and down to browse web pages and documents. With the devices I’ve used so far, the scanner is at the back.

Business Card reader

I find this interesting because I’m drowning in paper business cards that I rarely get time to follow up on. With the business card scanner feature which the Tecno Phone Pad 3 has, once a business card is scanned and identified, all the relevant information will be automatically saved to contacts. Nifty.


At 7”, the Phone Pad 3 can be used as a pad or simply as a phone with a bigger screen. For fans of gaming, movies, series, and reading, a bigger screen is always a plus on a device.

We do not want to say too much about the device but we’ll do a full review once it lands on our desk.

Keep it here!

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon From Tecno Mobile – The Tecno PhonePad 3

  1. Kolexepana

    Tecno never cease to amaze me with their phone specs

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