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Last week OLX had a meet and greet session with the online community at Bishop Magua Center Ngong Road. The meet and greet was hosted by the Bloggers Association of Kenya and the aim was to re-acquaint with the community and also to update them on the new innovations and developments they (OLX) have been adding to their online trading service.

There are quite a number of new ideas over at OLX, and one that they spoke about at length at the meet up and which I found interesting was ‘Sell It For Me’. How Sell it for me works is that when you go to the OLX site or open the app, select ‘Sell your item’ and then book a champ.

Who is a champ?

A champ is an expert car salesman verified by OLX. The champ will take care of the whole car selling procedure for you, including creating a winning advert, negotiation with buyers, completing the sale and he’ll even help with ownership transfer of the car.

Transaction safety and customer welfare are obviously the hallmarks of online trading and have always been at the forefront of OLX innovations. With OLX Champ for example, proceeds from the sale of your car will go to OLX and once the funds have cleared, OLX will pay you. They will also pay your champ his/her commission. I find this additional safety later quite reassuring especially because when selling a big item like a car, it is of paramount importance that you sell it with peace of mind.

OLX has already sold over 100 cars through this method and that is a clear indication of good performance. This great idea is also headed to the OLX real estate category.

How does OLX ‘Sell it for me’ work?

  1. Go to the OLX website or OLX App and subscribe to the service and book a Champ.
  2. You are expected to pay an initial Sell It For Me Service commitment fee online.
  3. We will link you to one of our experts, verified Champs.
  4. You will get a call from the assigned Champ within 24hrs on working days.
  5. Our Champ will meet with you and take pictures of the vehicle(s) you have for sale.
  6. Our Champ will Post your vehicle(s) on their verified account and receive calls on your behalf.
  7. They will meet with potential buyers and link you up with the buyers to do the final exchange.
  8. The buyer deposits the money into the OLX account.
  9. OLX will then transfer the money into your (seller’s) bank account.

As much as it will cost a non refundable Ksh2,000/- to book a champ, I think it is well worth it since this person affords you complete peace of mind when selling your car. Your privacy is also taken care of since you’re not the one dealing with buyers and so your number won’t be public. Additionally and most important, the transaction is in the safe hands of OLX, and OLX verified champs.

Other than sell it for me, OLX also shared many insights about the business and what lies ahead, as well as info on what is selling well where. It was interesting for example to learn that Subaru cars sell more in Kisumu!

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