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Get More For Less With Abuja Braids #BeMoreWithAbuja

by Femme Staff
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How many bundles of braids do you usually need to get a full head of beautiful braids? Our friend Lolyne Ongeri here previously needed as many as 6 and when we heard that Abuja Braids had increased volume, we decided to try and see how many she would need.

The number of bundles you need will usually depend on hair density, desired size of braids and of course size of the head. But bottom line is that everyone wants to save some money and that is what Darling Kenya is getting by having more braids per bundle.

Here is Lolyne’s look. She opted for plain braids, with which she can do up dos, down dos, loose braids, pony tail, and any other style that she and her hair dresser will agree on in the weeks that she’ll have the braids on.

Lolyne used long Abuja braids in number 33. A colour I find going real well for or skin tones, assorted clothes, and just right for the office.

Depending on mood and occasion, you can have your braids in a tight neat bun secured with a hair band. In this case, Lolyne was spending the day in the office.

You can opt for long or short braids. I find long ones easier to play around with in terms of styling. Not to say that short braids are not stylable either.

Happy and carefree #BeMoreWithAbuja

You can also get some additional styles from here the next time you’re getting your protective braiding done.

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