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Opera News App Reward More Than Four Thousands Users Everyday In Kenya

by Femme Staff


World Cup 2018 is over but that does not mean the end of good things for the world especially users of Opera News. To celebrate the end of what was a fantastic World Cup season, Opera news is blessing winners with brand new cars in Kenya as part of the ‘Shake & Win’ campaign and today, two users were presented with brand new cars in a private event at the Renault car dealership in the Simba Corp Aspire Centre. The lucky winners were a twenty two year old student Kennedy Macharia and a thirty three year old designer and printer Richard Kamau.

Macharia who is currently studying Business Management at Karen University saw a friend using opera news and decided to try. He shook every day and look at him now!

Kamau, a father of two kids, owns a printing business in Nairobi and he’s equally excited about the win. His kids love animals and he cant wait to drive them to Maasai Mara on a safari and see the animals.

The ‘Shake ‘ feature was introduced at the beginning of the 2018 world cup and up for grabs were gifts and prizes. When users open Opera News and click on the dedicated World Cup channel, a shake command pops up on the screen, letting users know that they can shake their phones in hopes of winning an amazing prize. Such an easy way for users to try their luck.

Over 100,000 users in Kenya have won prizes since the introduction of the Shake feature, and over 500,000 people across Africa have shaken their phones. This is an indicator of an app that people interacted with widely and easily. In any case, it is the most downloaded news app in Africa.

So popular is the competition that Opera News has decided to extend the campaign in Kenya until the end of July. So you still have a chance to shake and win.

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