Every new Samsung Galaxy Note comes with an S Pen featuring exciting capabilities, and the Note9 has certainly raised the bar with a pen that adds more color and connectivity along with a plethora of other additions.

The new S Pen comes equipped with features including Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) connectivity, Samsung DeX compatibility, and integration with several fan-favorite Note features. Combines, the enhancements provide unlevelled control over your mobile experience, making it easier to get the most out of everything you do.

With its connectivity, you can use it as a remote control for the smartphone. It allows for easy management key functions, including the device’s camera, from within 10 meters of the device. What this means is that you can take a selfie or a fun photo with friends by snapping it with a click of the pen, after launching the camera, without reaching for the shutter button. A double-click will switch from the front to the rear camera, and vice versa.

The S Pen also makes it convenient when handling your Gallery app and various presentation and media-player apps. A simple click or double-click will play/pause a song, skip to the next track or video, or view the next/previous image in an album.

Nevertheless, you can utilize the pen as a convenient clicker for presenting with the Galaxy Note9 and Samsung DeX, and with its open SDK (software development kit), developers will be able to integrate the S Pen’s intuitive controls into a wide range of apps that will allow users to streamline more tasks with a simple click.

Another impressive feature is the BLE technology, which guarantees readiness of the S Pen whenever needed. It can be paired with the phone as soon as it is detached and it will maintain a stable connection even when the Bluetooth is turned off.

Its super capacitor takes just 40 seconds to reach a full charge and offers 30 minutes of power—or up to 200 clicks.

The new S Pen has been enhanced for the Galaxy Note9 with highly portable HDMI adapters, which users can easily plug into a display when on the go without the need for a separate device. Additionally, the dual screen support allows multitasking on the smartphone’s display and on a connected monitor.

By connecting the Galaxy Note9 to a monitor, the S Pen can act as a trackpad or a surface for writing or drawing. The pressure-sensitive tip delivers a realistic and efficient writing experience when working on Samsung DeX.

The color of the pen’s markings now matches the color of the S pen itself—either yellow (for the Ocean Blue Galaxy Note9), light grey (for the Midnight Black model) or metallic copper. This further ensures that the screen off memo is more dynamic.

Like the Galaxy Note9 itself, the S Pen is IP68 water and dust resistant3. Wherever you are, no matter the conditions, you can rest assured that it’ll be ready to work.

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