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7 Common Types of Fathers

by Femme Staff

It’s so much easier to tell your mother you love her, that’s probably why mother’s day is so incredibly hyped as compared to father’s day. However male parents need a little love too, no matter how awkward it may turn out to be. At the end of the day, they do just as much to raise us as our fellow mothers, so appreciation must be given. Since several articles out there have already covered every possible father’s day gift imaginable available for purchase, it’s always fun to mention the several types of dads everywhere. I’m sure you can identify with one or two.

The Hoarder

He gets offended during extreme clean ups when he sees some old furniture go. After all that was probably the first piece of furniture he got when he first moved in on his own, it has too much value. There’s always an excuse or reason why everything should stay. If he had his way, the house would be filled with too many ‘memories’, resulting into an overloaded mess. For this reason, he probably gets into several petty arguments with your mother.

The Tech Geek

He is either a professional when using every kind of gadget ever made, or he thinks he is. When it’s the latter, a lot of eyes are rolled while he confidently speaks of his expertise, while condemning everyone else for ‘not keeping up with the times’. The former has the latest model of IPhone and is constantly getting told off over dinner for always having his nose stuck in his tablet, even more frequently than the younger members of the family.

The Serious/Strict Dad

He only wants to ensure that you’re doing well in school, and your grades are sufficient enough to get you into a tip top college, maybe even impressive enough to get you a fully paid scholarship. He believes that studying is the only way to obtain a proper and prosperous career, there are no short cuts. Basically, education is the only thing that matters, nothing else. That means no boy/girlfriends until you’re out of the house, and no staying out late nights with friends.

The Stingy Dad

He gives you peanuts every month, and when you request for more, he’ll ask you why. Somehow the expenses of buying food, airtime, clothes, and having a social life doesn’t seem to register  to him and in most cases, you need to hustle for some extra dough. That, or ask your mum for the rest.

The Fashion Disaster

He has no sense of style whatsoever, his wardrobe is an assortment of colors that don’t work together, or worse, he’s the type to have several pairs of outfits that look exactly the same. He chooses comfort over style, and there’s no level of persuasion or persistence that could change that.

The Pampered Father

If it were not for your mother, or the maid, or who-ever does the work around the house, he would probably be unable to survive. That or he would live in complete filth. He is utterly unable to clean, or cook for himself. House chores are a whole different language that he wouldn’t understand, all he knows is he doesn’t have to do them.

The Cool, Trendy Guy

Like the Tech Geek, either he is or he tries to be. Which can be terribly embarrassing if he’s the latter, especially when he talks to your friends. But at least he tries to embrace his inner young side from time to time. Those who have trendiness flowing in their veins more naturally are hip and have a great sense of style. They can hold a conversation with your friends on the latest trends concerning almost anything. He’s the dad you’re proud to hang out with and show off.

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