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Changing The Way We Do Laundry – The LG AI DD Washing Machine

by Femme Staff

In a lot of homes here, laundry is done by hand and then taken out to dry. This is something so hard wired and in this article we’re looking at why it is so, and why we should embrace washing machines more. So, why don’t many people do laundry by machine? A few reasons.

Space, size and position of bathrooms

As much as a washing machine is not a massive piece of furniture, still many homes lack that nook where it can be placed, with good connection to water and drainage. Then again with some creativity, decluttering (like taking out those basins and buckets), and brainstorming with other members of the household or even a plumber or professional fitter, you ‘ll be surprised that you actually have space. After all having one will also save space in other ways. For example if it is a front loader, you can place your laundry basket with dirty clothes and detergents on top of the machine and only keep them aside when its in active use.

Here is the other good news. Washing machines are much more intelligent now and are coming with features to save you quite a number of past worries. Take the LG AI DD for example. That is the LG Artificial Intelligent Direct Drive Machine. It is made smaller and more compact so that it still gets some massive job done without taking up so much space.


Our way of life is such that people have house helps, be they live in or day bugs. These are the people we rely on to do laundry in our houses and if you even take a look around some estates in Nairobi, there are tens of ladies seated near homes waiting for these jobs.

But what we don’t count on or the math that we don’t often do is that if there is a washing machine in the house, then the house help can dedicate time to other duties. This way he or she will have time to do them really well because she’ll have more time on her hands for the same.

Low acceptance

People in many parts of the world including Kenya have taken a bit longer to accept that washing machines could, and should be very much part of their households. There has been a long running misconception that they belong in commercial laundromats, big hotels and hospitals where there are massive wash loads every day. But it is time to debunk that myth and realize that a washing machine should be as much a part of our lives as a TV for example. That doing laundry should not have to be a constant time consuming headache every day and that time saved could be used in doing other things.

Fear of power usage

Nobody wants huge electricity bills and this is very understandable. Hearing a washing machine just buzzing away for hours can colonize the mind and keep one thinking of the power that it is using. But there are power saving tips that one can make a part of their laundry routine and end up saving a lot.

For example, choosing an energy efficient machine like LG is an obvious good start. The LG AI DD cuts cycle length significantly and this is one of the ways it gets to save power.  A time saving one also goes a long way in conserving power since the less time a machine uses to do your wash and rinse, then the less time it is hooked to power. Take good care of your machine so that it is always performing at optimum and this will also save you energy. 

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