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OPPO Will Soon Launch Its First Smartwatch In Kenya

by Femme Staff

Over the years, I’ve always found a reason or other to keep myself away from an effective exercise routine. I just had my hair done. My headphones are tangled and I have to take take time to untangle them. The month is way in and I have to start at the very beginning of the month. I’ve skipped exercise two days already. I’ll just rest for the rest of the week and go back to exercise in earnest starting Monday. Its cold and dreary. I’ll just laze on the sofa and have tea and muffins to warm me up. I’ll go tomorrow.

Through all this though, I’ve always found time to exercise once in a while. Sometimes I get bursts of motivation and exercise for days or weeks on end. Usually after actually feeling how unfit I am. Like when I go up a flight of stairs and I can barely make it two floors up without panting like a horse. Or when I have a new shiny exercise gadget that I can’t wait to try out.

If you’re in my position and can’t seem to finally get serious and mind your fitness, wearable tech has since come to our rescue. Especially now that curfews and confinements have re-defined how we exercise and social distancing has meant keeping permanently away from the gym.

Enter the OPPO smartwatch which is set to launch into the Kenyan market. At a time when many of us are still confined and working from home, the OPPO watch will come as a good fitness tracker by helping you keep your fitness goals.

This is the first smartwatch that the company is launching into the Kenyan market and it will be available in black, pink gold and silver mist. A smartwatch has to be beautiful on the wrist and these are rich vibrant colours that will assure users just that.

Most apps and menus on the smartwatch have been cleverly designed with all-black backgrounds, which helps the screen edges blend seamlessly into the bezels. The OPPO Watch 41mm comes with WiFi with a screen that is 1.91 inches with 402 by 476 pixels. It runs on both Watch OS and ColorOS with a 1.2GHz or Quad-core as a central processing unit (CPU). Users will enjoy the storage of 8GB with a RAM of 1GB. Its battery is 430mAh and supports wireless charging.

Among the key features are its 3ATM water resistance, supporting an eSIM, AMOLED display, 4G, and the fact that it is ECG certified.

As you wait to have a feel of the 41mm OPPO Watch, it is important to know that this watch will not be just an ordinary watch. This watch does not just tell time like ordinary watches but offers more than what some of your phones can offer. It will form part of your travel buddies right on your wrist with great reminders as you move along.

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