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The LG AIDD Washing Machine And How Its Designed To Take Care Of Your Laundry

by Femme Staff

When purchasing a washing machine, choosing the right one is critical. For the right job to get done without damaging your clothes, this is actually the very first step. Laundry should not be an unpleasant chore and it should certainly not leave your clothes wrinkled and/or torn. The machine itself is quite a significant investment should not start falling before users get value for their money.

Look at the LG AI (Artificial Intelligence) DD (Direct Drive) for example – a machine that launched just this year and is already award winning. A machine which LG has enough confidence in to give a 10 year manufacturer warranty for Direct Drive motor.  

By employing artificial intelligence, the washing machine is not only able to give you cleaner laundry but to also make clothes last longer. This is because the big-data based AI is able to determine the type of fabric, its characteristics and properties and deploy a suitable washing pattern. If you are washing delicate clothes for example, the LG AIDD will determine softness and not use the same strength as it would if you were washing denim. Other conventional machines are only able to detect fabric weight but not fabric type so clearly this one has a distinct advantage.

The machine does this by intelligently employing delicate motions for delicate clothes and powerful motions for stiff clothes. In the end, the LG AIDD is able to offer users 18% more fabric care.  

AI will even take a deeper dive and differentiate between different types of the same material. Say you are washing cotton for instance. Not all cotton items have exact same characteristics and the washing machine will be able to tell different types of cotton apart.

The machine also determines the volume, and the weight of clothes in the drum and give a unique wash targeted to that particular cycle. Furthermore, the LG AIDD which you can also connect to your smartphone thanks to this very AI has features to ensure that fabric care so that in the long run your clothes do not come with damages.

How about drying the laundry? Here is where all the interesting stuff happens. The machine dries each load according to the weight and type of fabric. It automatically sends the optimal drier settings for each load to the compatible LG drier for great results.

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