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Mistakes To Avoid To Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer

by Femme Staff

Washing machines have come to really make life easy, not just for those with huge loads of laundry every day, but for every household even if it has a single occupant. The machines are also gaining popularity as more and more people embrace them and that is a good thing as people get to save laundry time to focus on other things.

Whether one is a newbie or has been using machines for years, there are some mistakes that users make. Some are out of lack of knowledge, and others unfortunately out of ignorance which sometimes comes from having used machines for years and feeling like they know every shortcut. What are some these mistakes?

Not making full use of the features and technologies that are inbuilt into the machine

Machines come loaded with cool features to make your laundry easier but if you don’t read the manufacturer manual or take a good enough look at your washer and all that it can do, you may be grossly underusing the best of them and missing out on some good stuff. If we could look at the LG AI DD for example, it comes with artificial intelligence that uses Big Data patterns to make your laundry life much easier.

If you don’t download LG’s ThinQ app for example, you miss out on being able to control your washer remotely from your mobile device.

If you don’t go through the machine guidelines thoroughly, you miss out on being able to use awesome features like the 39 minute fast and clean wash. You could also miss out on the allergy and wrinkle care that are part of the LG AI DD.

Using too much detergent. Or the wrong detergent for your machine

It is easy to assume that the more detergent one uses, the cleaner the clothes get.  It is also easy to just go and pick a detergent from the supermarket without checking what your machine manufacturer recommends. But using too much detergent exposes your clothes to getting bleached out over time. Using the wrong detergent on the other hand will leave residue on the clothes every time you wash, and eventually build up on the machine. Quite a way to shorten the lifetime of both the machine and clothing.

Not cleaning the machine

Yes. Machines that are meant for cleaning things also need to be cleaned. An easy assumption would be that since there is always water swishing around in the washing machine, then it does not need any extra effort in cleaning. Even those who know that this is not true will find themselves slackening from time to time.  And that is where a user welcomes residue, which with time will certainly reduce the efficiency of the machine. Or buildup of mold and bacteria around the door which will your clothes with an unpleasant smell when you wash them. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for cleaning and your washer will always be happy. On top of that, the LG AI DD machine has a tub clean cycle, plus through the LG ThinQ app it counts and notifies the user when to run the tub clean. How cool is that?

There are other common mistakes whose solutions are as simple as being a little more careful about your washing machine. Like leaving it unsupervised while there’s a wash cycle going on. What if a part malfunctions?

Or overloading the washer, therefore putting too much strain on it and shortening its lifetime.

The best approach is to always play it safe so that you get value for your money.

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