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Traditional Medicines In The Fight Against Viral Infections

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It is almost sad the rate and the extent at which we have shunned traditional medicines and tonics in favour of tablets and syrups. And yet we have done this knowingly because at the back of our minds we always know that there are home remedies to a lot of the ailments we seek modern treatments for. There are numerous articles and books both on and offline detailing how we can take care of ourselves using naturally occurring plants and some of us even take the time to read up but we do not really actualize what we read.

And yet these are by all means tips and guidelines from community experts who can very accurately guide us out of shunning what we see in our gardens and term as weeds. Our very own kitchen pharmacies. These are plants and methods that have been used by herbalists, botanists and even medical practitioners. Rich advise on nutrition, strategies for self-care, home and herbal remedies and recipes for preventing, managing and treating a wide range of illnesses or conditions that could be dealt with safely at home.

Some of the most common ailments in every home are respiratory because they’re so easy to spread. So if one were to take lots of medication every time they had a cold, flu, or upper respiratory infection, that’s a whole lot of medicine.

One country that does very well in treating its people safely and effectively with traditional medicines is China. So well preserved is this sector that they’re able to not only treat their populations but also export others to the rest of the world. Like the XRP Company Limited is now in Kenya and is bringing in Chinese traditional medicines for respiratory problems.

XRP Medical Kenya is approved and certified by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board and this speaks to their safety for use. Healthouself formular 3 is mainly used for prevention against flu, colds and nosocomial infections while Healthouself formula 5 is mainly used in the treatment of viral pneumonias, severe respiratory infections and zoonotic infections. The products have undergone rigorous scrutiny exercise by relevant government bodies and the World Health Organization and approved for human consumption.

For more information on this company and the medications they have, do have a look at their website here.

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