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Indulgence and Relaxation: A Luxurious Day at Spa by Xenaxia, Movenpick Hotel

by Femme Staff

Last week, my colleagues and I had the privilege of spending time in the hands of the good people at Spa by Xenaxia at Movenpick Hotel. It was an afternoon of pure indulgence with relaxing massages, steam and sauna baths and unlimited amounts of hydrating drinks of either water or hibiscus juice. The cherry on top was an all you can eat Sizzling Friday at the hotel restaurant with a wide menu of food, and some great cocktails.

Spa by Xenaxia is a chain of premium spas that you can find at Movenpick hotel, Fairmont the Norfolk, Wadi Degla Club Runda, JW Marriott Mara Lodge and Crowne Plaza Nairobi Airport.

On arrival, we were received by friendly yet professional staff who started us off with healthy refreshing drinks as we registered, before ushering us into the treatment rooms. Our first stop was the steam room which in preparation for 60 minutes of relaxing massages, with the option of going back to the steam room after. There is something about a steam room that feels very purifying and cleansing and who would pass up on more of that? We all trooped back for a few more minutes before hitting the sauna.

My favourite part of the afternoon and evening was easily the massage which was done by Spa by Xenaxia’s clearly qualified masseuse. She knew just where to go easy and where to have a bit of pressure and in the course of the massage, I could feel my mind, body and soul calming down as the tension melted away. A full body massage in a room that smelt of pure calming indulgence is something I never knew I needed, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The 60 seconds passed in a flash, and this is something I’d certainly want to do again and again.

In the chaos of moder life, self-care is becoming more and more crucial and one of the top options for this is at the spa where one gets pampered and relaxed. The serene ambiance that spas offer, soothing aromas, and therapeutic treatments create a space to release tension and stress accumulated from daily routines. Be they massages, facials, or body treatments, spa therapies promote relaxation, improve blood circulation, and alleviate muscle tension. Spa treatments also ease mental fatigue by offering time for mindfulness and introspection, and this results in mental clarity.

Contrary to what many may think, visiting a spa is not a luxury but a worthy investment in one’s health. It is a part of holistic selfcare that if done regularly, helps one to connect deeper with themselves and this can keep mental health problems at bay.

Spa by Xenaxia is certainly a place I would recommend. What we had was their SPArty package which is excellent for groups of friends for occasions like baby showers, hen parties, team building or just a relaxing day out. The spa can be booked by groups of upto 50 people and tailored towards that. The bridal shower package is particularly fascinating since the spa has a Lamaze package and after delivery treatments.

To get to know the spa better, the different packages and costs, visit their website here.

Thanks Spa by Xenaxia for the wonderful afternoon with my friends!

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