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OPPO’s Partnerships to Bring Flash Charging to Everyone

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OPPO has partnered with FAW-Volkswagen, Anker and NXP Semiconductors to launch a new mobile flash charging project dubbed the Flash Initiative at the Mobile World Congress 2021 in Shanghai. This is based around OPPO’s pioneering VOOC flash charging.

Each partner will work with proprietary technical designs developed by OPPO, which has applied for more than 2,950 flash charging patents worldwide, with over 1,400 already granted.

Anker creates innovative products from power banks to chargers and vacuum cleaners to headphones. By working with OPPO, Anker will help to bring flash charging to millions more people.

FAW-Volkswagen is the joint venture between FAW Group and Volkswagen Group. It will use OPPO’s unique charging IP to incorporate rapid charging into Volkswagen cars made in China, giving automobile drivers and passengers power on the go.

NXP Semiconductors is a chip manufacturer and will bring smart, connected solutions to a range of sectors, from smart cities to industrial, automotive, mobile and the home. NXP will implement several OPPO patents to support VOOC flash charging across its printed circuit board assemblies, meaning that flash charging could be more easily integrated into more automotive applications, public spaces and industrial settings.

The Flash Initiative reflects OPPO’s belief in human-centric technologies that make a difference in people’s everyday lives. And thanks to our new partners, our proprietary technologies can reach more people than ever before. This is a vital step in freeing consumers to use their devices however they want, no matter what they need to do or where in the world they are.”Adler Feng – Senior Director of Intellectual Property – OPPO

Technology certification laboratory CTTL (China Telecommunication Technology Laboratory) will test and certify any partner products made with VOOC flash charging technology. As one of China’s largest tech certification labs, CTTL has led the way in setting safety standards for fast charging technology, and has already granted OPPO a five-star rating for its VOOC Flash Charging.

OPPO’s VOOC technology launched in 2014, and the 30+ smartphone models that feature VOOC have so far delivered the ultra-fast charging experience to over 175 million users around the globe.

OPPO’s latest flash charging products are already making fast charging more convenient. The tiny 50W Mini SuperVOOC charger can charge smartphones, tablets and even laptops—and is just 10.05mm thick and 82.2mm long, so it easily fits in your pocket. Meanwhile, the 65W AirVOOC wireless charger can fully power a 4,000mAh phone battery in 30 minutes—and the 125W flash charger can do the same in just 20 minutes. Each product uses low voltage charging, with a dual-cell structure, and multiple charge pumps and temperature sensors to automatically regulate voltage and dissipate heat.

The combined goal of OPPO’s newest partners is to provide access to fast charging in even more scenarios, and empower consumers with technology that makes their lives easier and richer.

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