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The LG Instaview Matte Black And Platinum Silver. What’s The Difference?

by Femme Staff

I’m willing to bet that a refrigerator is the most visited appliance in a home. Everyone in the family is always either getting something in or out of the fridge. Whether to grab a quick to-go snack while heading out of the house, or a cold drink when you get home on a hot day, the fridge is always inevitable. Or to load groceries and then make countless trips to get ingredients while cooking.

Even toddlers are forever curious about them and left unchecked, they will open the fridge and try to crawl in.

A fridge is a hard-working appliance and with this in mind, careful consideration has to be made to make sure that users buy the best that they can. People making purchases in these modern times are lucky that fridge designs and technologies have generally come of age. There is more variety out there and one of the manufacturers that has seen to the growth of this sector is LG Electronics whose designs and technologies are unbeaten.

With LG, there is a lot to choose from but for this article, we’re looking at the Door-In-Door Instaview and how well it fits into a home.

First off, it is a sleek beautiful design that adds class and functionality to any kitchen. The fridge has two variants, Platinum Silver and Matte Black French Door. French door refrigerators which are becoming more and more popular by the day are refrigerators with two doors opening outwards. They have a split in the middle and you can either open one door individually or both. When you open both, you see the entire space and this makes everything visible.

The matte black is the more premium of the two. It is a four door, with the top being a fridge and the bottom being a freezer. The fridge and freezer have 2 doors each. The Platinum silver is a two door with the entire length of the right side being a freezer, and the left being a fridge.

These fridges both have big capacity and are easy to organize. A well organized fridge saves time by making sure that you don’t spend too much time looking for food in there. It also saves money in that food doesn’t get forgotten in there, and you don’t spend too much time searching – which means less cold air loss.

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