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Additional Features In The LG Tone Free Wireless Earbuds

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In a previous article, we looked at why you will love the LG Tone Free Wireless Earphones. This is a continuation of the same, with highlights of more features of the buds.

Google Assist

With the LG buds, you can send voice commands to Google Assist without having to go back to your phone. It is also quite the companion for travelers who would want simple translations. In some versions of the buds, the user can customize their button operations styles for voice commands. One may choose for example to give commands with a double or triple tap.

Ambient Sound

This is quite easily one of my favourite features of the LG buds. The fact that even with the buds in the ear, you do not have to take them out to hear what the outside world is saying. With the touch of a button, you can be able to switch the sound to your external environment. Audio will continue to play while using the ambient sound feature.

Earbuds finder

This is another easy favourite feature for me. Earphones are easy to misplace – both wired and wireless. But the wireless ones are harder to find. The LG Tone Free Wireless Earbuds come with a feature that helps locate lost or misplaced earbuds. The earbuds finder works by use of Bluetooth and once they are located, they will beep. If there is no Bluetooth, then Tone & Talk will display the last location that the buds were on. This display will be on a map.

You will need to download the LG Tone & Talk app from Google Play or Apple Store.

The charging case

The charging case for the LG buds is compact and very stylish. It comes in either black or white for different preferences. For me, I would pick the white without a second thought.

This charging case doubles up as the carrying case for the buds and as mentioned, it is small, compact and stylish. It will fit even in small pockets and is very easy to carry around.

In summary, we have spoke of quite a number of features to make the LG buds a quick choice. Ergonomic design, meridian sound, self-cleaning with bacteria killing UV in the charging case, direct Google Assist, ambient sound, earbuds finder and a functional and stylish carry case. These are quite a lot of features in the otherwise small buds.

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