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Nokia X20 – A Solid Affordable 5G Phone

by Femme Staff
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5G technology is currently getting into our lives and we are now beginning to see it in mobile phones like the Nokia X20 which was launched into the market in May this year. Having 5G capabilities in a midrange phone costing around Ksh.40,000/- is certainly a good sign because we can tell that when 5G becomes more mainstream, gadgets will be accessible to people.

Since 5G is the newest kid on the block and therefore the biggest deal in the Nokia X20, let’s have a look at the technology and what it means to users.

On an individual level on smartphones, users are looking at immediate benefits like faster speeds and lower latency. But it does not end there. Different people will use these super-fast speeds for different things. Gaming, e-Commerce, remote conferencing, staying connected with loved ones via video calls…the list is endless. What is clear is that having a blazing internet connection is exciting, things get done much faster, and with no lag and buffering, users are able to maintain focus on what they’re doing.

5G is not just about what we can do on our smartphones though. On a wider scale, we’re looking at smart agriculture where imaging drones are able to communicate with automated tractors that can weed farms unmanned. And automated healthcare where for instance, self-driving vehicles can deliver equipment, remote surgery guidance, and robots to enable doctors to talk to patients. Also, smart factories where engineers are able to use remote controlled equipment and to watch production in real time through HD video.

From that brief summary, you can see what it means to have a handheld 5G device. We have come to expect more from our smartphones and smartphone manufacturers are continuously measuring up to the task. Like the uptake of 5g by Nokia for instance. 5G is not just a trend, but a high-level technology that is impacting and will continue to impact just about every sector of our lives.

I’ve been using the Nokia X20 for some time now and although I’ve not used the 5G feature since 5G signals are not yet in our everyday vicinity, I’ll talk about the other features of the phone.


The phone has a nice minimalistic design at the back with just the branding, the round camera casing and flash. I love this kind of minimalism. The screen display is 6.67”, quite sizeable and comfortable to use for everything from calls to gaming and watching movies and series. Big screens are coming back and Nokia is ahead with this one and actually with other phones as well. Like the Nokia c30 which I reviewed not long ago.


Nokia X20 has brought the Zeiss lens back into my life. Zeiss is a world-renowned imaging giant and the partnership with Nokia has always brought that extra spark to their photography. Otherwise, the camera itself is 64MP and in combination with Zeiss optics, this is a solid camera. It also has the new Dual Sight multi-cam mode to shoot using the front and rear cameras simultaneously – in addition to shooting on the front and rear camera, you can select the two rear cameras too to capture wide and ultra-wide shots. The selfie camera is 32MP.


The battery on this phone is 4470mAh with 18W fast charge. In a push for environmental preservation, Nokia does not ship a wall adaptor in the box. What the phone comes with is a USB cable which users can hook to existing adaptors.


The phone has a very impressive 128GB ROM and 8GB RAM. This is enough space and speed to ensure a smooth glitch free running of the phone even with heavy operations like gaming. With this kind of storage, users can rest assured that their many videos and photographs have a home and will take a long time to fill up. It is still advisable to periodically clear unnecessary data from the phone though.

Environmentally friendly

The Nokia X20 has a free back cover which is 100% compostable. This is quite a powerful move towards environmental protection.

Pricing and availability

The Nokia X20 is now available in mobile retail stores, Safaricom shops, Mobile Hub, Anisuma and Jumia; and comes in Midnight Sun and Nordic Blue with 6/128GB and 8/128GB configurations whose retail price starts at KES 40,000.  

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