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Get More With Telkom’s Revamped Voice Offerings

by Femme Staff
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Telkom has revamped its voice offers for its mobile prepaid customers.

The revised voice bundle, Sema Yote, earlier known as Chapa Story, will give customers 100 free minutes of talk time per day at a cost of KSh.10, valid for 24 hours. Customers who pay KSh.150 will receive 100 free minutes of talk time per day, for the next 30 days. 

Telkom has also changed the terms of its Mambo offer, moving the number of free voice minutes on this offering from daily to monthly. Customers who pay KSh.99 and KSh.199 per month, will now receive 100 and 200 free call time minutes per month, respectively, rather than 99 and 100 per day.

The voice offer is informed by changing consumption patterns among consumers, following the re-opening of the economy from the pandemic-fueled restrictions.

Telkom’s Director for Marketing, Eric ACHOLA, says:

“Our consumers want more value from our offerings and voice is no exception, which they continue to rely upon for their day-to-day communication needs. The launch of this offer is in line with our objective of making technology services, in this case, voice, more accessible to Kenyans.”

Sema Yote is among a slew of customer delight offers, including Madaraka Life, launched this year by Telkom.

Subscribers can sign up for the Sema Yote offer via USSD *544#, or via the My Telkom App and My Account portal.


Subscription feesValidityFree Telkom to Telkom free minutesTo other networks
KSh 1024hrs100 minutes (Daily)KSh 2+ Tax
KSh 15030 days100 minutes (Monthly)KSh 2+ Tax

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