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Why You Will Love Nokia Phones

by Femme Staff
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Just about everyone has interacted with a Nokia phone now and in the past. Even if not as an active user, a friend or a relative had one. The iconic handshake and signature tune has been part of all our lives.

For me, I did not use the famous Nokia 3310 but every relative I can think of who could afford a phone back then had one. I did however use the Nokia 6500 slide which came a few years after 3310 –  a solid device that stands out to me to date. The device that introduced me to superior phone photography with its Zeis cameras. That phone served me well and long enough for Nokia to have a permanent soft spot with me. You know those brands you would not hesitate to have? That is Nokia for me. I strayed away from Nokia for a bit but I’m happy to report that I’ve since come back home, and I like it here.

I’ve used so many Nokia phones, some as primary phones and some as review units, that picking a favourite would be a tough task. Each of the phones has its strengths, though the brand generally has general advantages that cut across board. Differences in preference would therefore be for either specs or price. What are these across board advantages that make Nokia stand out?

Wide range of phones

Nokia has a wide array of options from feature phones, entry level smart phones, to higher end phones like the 5G enabled Nokia 8.3. Whatever phone you’re looking for and depending on budget and utilization needs, Nokia has you covered. What I mean by utilization is that my mum in the village for instance may not need a phone with too many features that she will never use. For her, a mid-level phone and upwards would be ideal.

Sturdy and durable phones

When purchasing a phone, or indeed anything, you do not want to spend your hard-earned cash on something that will break apart at the slightest fall. Nokia phones have always maintained that quality build of body that we have known since. When it comes to value for money, Nokia phones are phones you can trust.


The smartphone has become almost everything these days. In there we have our emails, photos, chats, and other apps that have a lot of personal information. Cyber criminals on the other hand are getting cleverer by the day and taking advantage of loopholes to grab people’s and organization details. A phone with top notch security is therefore a must now and Nokia is one of those. Other than coming with good security already, Nokia phones are also periodically upgraded to keep up with any breaches that may be attempted after the phone has already hit the market.

Android One

This is a near stock version of Android that means that Nokia users are able to enjoy their smartphone lives with zero bloatware. Those apps that manufactures hard wire into devices and do not give you an option to uninstall? That is bloatware and they could very well be security risks for the personal information you have on your phone. Android One has malware scanning so the likelihood of the bad guys getting into your phone is minimized. Android One phones also prioritize background activity so that you end up reducing power usage.

As part of the Android One program, Nokia ensures that you enjoy the latest Android features and security with three years of monthly security updates and two years of software upgrades.

If you’re looking for a phone that is worth your coins, Nokia is certainly a good choice to look into.

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