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The Real Magic Of Christmas With Coca-Cola

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Christmas is here and for all that we have been through in the last two years, the world sure needs as good a celebration as is possible under the circumstances. Yes, we are still limited by the pandemic but with the right protocols, we can be safe enough and healthy enough to celebrate the holidays with our loved ones.

One company that has always been synonymous with Christmas is Coca Cola. Not just for the juices and soda that we get to share along with Christmas lunches and dinners, but also with the famous Christmas Caravans which were recently flagged off at KICC Nairobi, in Mombasa, Kisumu, and Eldoret. The caravans are moving around and making stops in different areas. The Mombasa one for instance is moving round the Coastal counties and the Nairobi one is for Nairobi and surrounding areas like Buruburu, Donholm, TRM, and onwards to further areas like Nyeri and Murang’a.

This time round, Christmas season and therefore the Coca-Cola caravans have come along with the company’s new brand philosophy ‘Real Magic’. A philosophy that encourages people to make magic out of everyday moments that may otherwise seem mundane, and to celebrate while at it.

It follows that with this love and warmth comes an appreciation of the people who have made our lives easier in the course of the year. It does not have to be anything major. Even a reassuring phone call from a relative or friend can feel like a warm hug, and it is magic that can set your whole day on track. If someone came to your home with some homemade food, shared it with you, and gave a listening ear when you needed it, that is also a magic moment. It is these moments that soften the harsh blows of life and that is what Coca-Cola is urging users to make magic out of.

The feel-good atmosphere is also perfect for paying forward good deeds and showing gratitude. Recognizing the people who have been there for us and made life easier. It could be that very reliable house help without whom you would be spending days and nights worrying about your children. Or for people with small businesses, it could be that boda boda rider with whom you are sure deliveries to your clients are in good hands.

For me, it would have to be the staff who mind our farm back home. As much as I’m in the village a lot, I’m also away for extended periods of time and because of them I have peace of mind that things are running smoothly. For the assurance they give about the safety and security of home, these are the people I’m celebrating the most this Christmas and if all goes well, I’ll be with them on the material day.

It is in this same spirit that we should share what we have with the less fortunate so they can also get to enjoy the holidays. Coca-Cola’s Debrah Mallowah captures this well when she says that the most amazing stories about this period is just how many people came together to help each other… and that really has been the real magic about going through a tough challenge but being there for everybody and we do not take it for granted that each and every single one of us is here today”. Debra is the Coca-Cola East and Central Africa Vice President.

The Coca-Cola Christmas caravans are currently traveling round the country spreading cheer, giving offers on product and injecting much needed activities to local economies. This is not only through increases sales of product, but also through creation of job opportunities. Step out if you spot one and kick off the season with Coca-Cola. There is also lots of entertainment since there are performances by artists, and customers get to win merchandise like soda, goats, T-Shirts, and caps among others.

Let’s create real magic this Christmas by celebrating the good moments we have experienced during the year.

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