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A Few Features I Like About The Nokia T20 Tab

by Femme Staff

Late last year, Nokia launched the Nokia T20 tab. The device has not yet landed on my desk for review, but I’m excited about it and can wait. For me a tab is more about mobility than anything else and this is for both work and leisure. I find that it fills a perfect gap between my laptop and phone and I can get on with work without having to lug a laptop around everywhere, and without having to navigate excel sheets in the cramped space of a phone. I find that I can also catch up with movies and series on lazy mornings without leaving my bed.

I’ve been going through the features of the tab and I already have some favourite features.


With a screen size of 10.4 inch and a resolution of 2K for instance, work, entertainment and playing games are a quite a joy. When it comes to work especially these days when a lot is being done virtually, the tab’s dual microphones and what promises to be good sound will ensure that meetings are of good quality. The speakers are stereo with OZO Playback Panorama.


To power day long conferences, movies and series, children’s use or anything that a user may want from the tab, it has an 8200mAh battery, supported by a 15W fast charger. The massive battery is quite a win because what is a phone with all the good features but without sufficient power at all times?


Keeping with Nokia’s new brand philosophy which promises security of their phones and user data, the T20 tab has a guarantee of two years of OS upgrades and three years of security updates. Coming from the manufacturer no less, this assurance that user data and info are safe is a big advantage given that security of the same is under continuous threat. The device also has face unlock.

Google Kids Space

If we as parents and guardians are not careful, kids could be exposed to a lot of wrong things thanks to technology. The Nokia T20 has a dedicated kids space that is designed to nurture their curiosity and creativity without crossing over to the wrong side of tech. The space has kid appropriate apps, videos and books, and has parental controls so that parents are able to manage their children’s accounts.

Processor and storage

For a fast, reliable and smooth user experience without glitches, the Nokia T20 comes with an octa-core chipset. It has two variants, one with an internal memory of 32GB ROM and 3GB RAM, and another with 64GB ROM. It also MicroSD card which supports upto 512GB.


HMD promised quality phones in its new philosophy. Towards this, the device is made of sandblasted aluminium at the back, and toughened glass at the front. This is a high quality finish to ensure a well-built design that users will be enjoying it all for years to come.

As mentioned earlier, the device is yet to get here for review, and I will do a comprehensive article once I’ve used it for some time. For now, these are the quick features that I’ve noted and liked.

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