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Great Father’s Day Gifts From Nokia

by Femme Staff

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and most people have started looking out for gifts to celebrate their fathers. Well, a smartphone can be the perfect gift you can get your dad, husband, brother, or anyone who’s played the role of a father in someone’s life.

There is nothing as fulfilling as seeing someone who helped you be who you are today, feel your affection, love, and appreciation. Gifting him is one way of encouraging him to continue growing and succeeding to greater heights, and to consistently never tire of being there for the family. It is also a sign of the priceless gratitude we have for our fathers, the men who held our hands ever since we were little, and onto adulthood.

Of course, watches and suits are also very valid presents, but why not surprise him with a smartphone, the kind that will outlive such traditional gifts?

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, gives you a wide range of budget-friendly smartphones that will help your father not just stay connected with the world, but also manage his work, and remain entertained. Whether your father’s smartphone usage is limited to using a few apps, whether he is passionate about photography, is a health enthusiast, or simply needs a phone that has enough storage to store his files, there is something for him from the Nokia family.

As you pick a gift for dad, here are the latest products from HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones.

Nokia G21– a whopping three-day battery life- from KES 19,000

With an unmatched three-day battery life, dad can enjoy a weekend away without a charger. He is also assured of regular security updates and OS upgrades, keeping his phone secure and up-to-date for longer. This will go a long way for his peace of mind. At 6,5” display, dad will not struggle to read what’s on the screen as he browses, streams or works on the go.

Nokia T20– work, learn and play, with a tablet designed to last- From KES 29,999

I have recently interacted with this tab and done a review which you can catch here. If there is anything I would gift my dad if he was around, it would be the T20. The tab has a whopping 8200mAh battery, enough power to see dad through upto 7 hours of online meetings, 10 hours of movies or 15 hours of web browsing. With a 10.4” display, stereo speakers and 2K resolution, the tab can serve for family movie nights. Dad is guaranteed two years of OS upgrades and three years of security updates from Nokia.

Nokia X20– An affordable 5G device with signature durability -From KES 40,900

If dad appreciates photography, then he will fall in love with this phone because of the Zeiss Optics that power its camera. Zeiss is a household name for superior imaging and the partnership with Nokia makes for good user experience for customers. The X20 is 5G, and is also guaranteed monthly updates for three months, and three years of Android OS updates.

Everything about Nokia phones is made to keep life simple and happy. As is in line with Nokia’s philosophy, your dad will love the gift, trust it and keep it.  It is the everyday companion that he can rely on, and as a gift, it drives the point home!

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