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Jeremiah Wahome – Rally Driver Trying His Hand At Golf

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This past weekend at Royal Golf Club, Jeremiah Wahome played his first tournament just six months after starting out in golf. You will remember Jeremiah as the WRC driver who was sponsored by Safaricom and Kenya Airways at the WRC Rally alongside McRae Kimathi, Hamza Anwar, and Maxine Wahome.

The coming together of rallying and golfing makes Jeremiah’s story quite interesting since as he says, variables across both sports are similar. For instance, the precision required in driving is the same required in golfing especially for him who is driven by the chase for perfection. The more he drives, the more he knows his car and the more he knows where and how to apply precision. The same goes for golf in his experience so far. Driving is a very fast sport and golfing is slow but when you zone in mentally there is really no difference. Both sports require mental strength and being one with the game, plus learning to calm down and think strategy through.  

Jeremiah picked up his clubs and went golfing in January this year out of what he terms as random interest. He started tagging along when his friends were going to play and eventually, he got intrigued by the accuracy of the game. Getting into golf came easily because he is a sportsman anyway, and soon enough he bought his own clubs and put more effort into practice with a promise to himself to play his first tournament by the second half of the year. That has clearly worked out, with his first tournament being at Royal Golf Club over the weekend. Playing his first tournament in a new club is a challenge that he was well prepared for.

As for the outlook of his golfing, he has not set any future expectations for himself yet. For now he just wants to learn more and enjoy but he’s very competitive in nature so he can see himself taking it far. If his game goes all the way to pro he’s ready. He’s thankful to Safaricom for availing the opportunity for him to have another sport under his belt.

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