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Guinness Brighthouse At Jamii Executive Gardens In Mwea

by Femme Staff

Guinness this weekend hosted an ultimate football viewing experience, the Guinness Brighthouse at Jamii Executive Garden in Mwea to celebrate the start of the biggest football event of the year and to mark the launch of the new Guinness advert. The Guinness Brighthouse is a viewing experience that connects Guinness fans through their universal love for football, food, fashion, art and music.

During the Brighthouse event, Guinness launched its latest advert named, “Brothers” which celebrates the relationship between Miracle, and his brother, Abidemi who are united by their shared passion for football. The event featured Black Shines Brightest show cast Dance General, DJ Exploid, and DJ Malaika with H_art the Band delivering a sizzling performance to the consumers in attendance.

The new Guinness advert is set in a football viewing centre where Miracle, his brother Abidemi and their social group make the football viewing experience brighter for all, through their creative ingenuity, passion and infectious fandom for the football game. Miracle is a fan who uses his enthusiasm and spirit to bring football to life for others in a viewing centre and pitch side at a street game. At the end of the advert, viewers learn that Miracle is blind but despite not being able to see, he still brings an infectious energy that inspires others. He embodies how football and life are not just about what you see but what you feel.

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