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All The Very Best To Our Youngsters As They Tackle End Year Exams

by Femme Staff
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As candidates tackle their exams this time round, I found myself reminiscing about my exam days and especially KCSE. Not that I can remember a whole lot but one thing that is clear is that I was very confident about language exams and especially English. Backed by a history of numerous prizes for emerging best in English over the years, I walked out of the exam room knowing that I had aced it. And the results proved me right. I did surprisingly well in all the art subjects as well, but it is the queen’s language that was my A.

Unfortunately, at that time, the arts were not perceived as enough. There were generally high expectations for more “important” subjects like math and science which were what was expected to get us into better careers. Although I was never put through the unfortunate pressure that so many kids were put through, there was a subtle sense of disappointment for not being the bright girl who passed the big subjects with flying colours.

At that young age, I did not for a moment think that good old English would play such an important role in my future as to become the basis of my present career. After high school I went ahead and pursued a path completely unrelated to language and arts and later joined the workforce like everyone else. Even if I went ahead and did good for myself in my then job, English was always at the fore of my mind. I wrote quite a bit as a hobby and read even more.

Then the digital era came about and opened spaces I had never thought of. Blogging hit and suddenly there was this space on the internet where I could spew my thoughts and have an audience. Soon enough there was money in it too. Not a complete living at that time but there were a few supplemental coins to be made here and there. After about 5 years of blogging for fun, I took the plunge and gave it a go as a full-time business, and I’ve never looked back.

Where am I going with all this?

First of all, I’m wishing all the youngsters the best as they close a chapter of their lives and open another. Aim high, but also be ready to accept what comes and work with it. Even if a win does not come in the shape that you or your family expected, all is not lost and a future still awaits. You want to look at your future from a point of positivity and good vibes because there is something strong in you beyond exams but how will you see it if you let negativity cloud you? Forge on with the next step of school or college, give it your all, and things will take shape as time goes by.

I’m also here to join hands with Safaricom to encourage you to pursue your dreams. In the spirit of Tuinuane which urges us to lift one another up in any big or small way we can, I’m rooting for you and your dreams, and for whatever direction your life may take from here. The future is in your hands and yours is to give it your best shot to make your dreams come true.

Here is to success in everything that you do. Today, tomorrow and all the years to come.

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