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Top Investment Opportunities and Benefits of Investing in Nakuru

by Femme Staff

The best real estate investment one can make is in Nakuru County since it is the most fertile for farming, great for residential development, and ideal for industrial development.

The economy of the nation has gradually improved, particularly in the real estate sector, which has benefited from the necessity to give Kenyans access to cheap housing.

Nakuru County continues to be preferred by investors on all fronts as the Affordable Properties and Housing Agenda takes form.

Urban Planning

The World Bank chose Nakuru County to lead the way in developing affordable housing. It was chosen in October of the previous year by the World Bank to lead the way in affordable housing. The infrastructure that supports a region’s development was one of several elements that went into the decision.

In November 2020, the World Bank allocated more than $1 billion for urban development projects in Nakuru.

The Institute of Economic Affairs estimates that the County has access to water 17 hours a day.

Key infrastructural developments

A Kshs. 3 billion international airports in Lanet are being built by Nakuru. This project will start this year and be implemented in two stages.

In the first phase, the runway will be repaired, a fence built, taxiways and terminals built, a military lounge built, an air rescue center built, and a fire fighting facility built. In the second phase, the runway will be extended from 1.7 km to 3.6 km. The delivery of perishable farm products, such as flowers, will be aided by the airport.

A few of the incentives to draw investors to the region will be this project and the envisioned Industrial Park in Naivasha. The new US flights will greatly benefit the extended SGR to Naivasha by providing a new market for the flowers grown in Naivasha.

Other key infrastructural developments

The Nakuru-Nairobi Highway’s impending dualling, the Standard Gauge Railway’s expansion, the massive Industrial Park, and Kengen’s decision to build a business park in the county all benefited Nakuru.

According to a poll by the Institute of Economic Affairs, which evaluated the performance indices in Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Machakos, and Mombasa, it is simpler to launch a business in Nakuru town than it is in the other five populated metropolitan regions.

Nakuru is a tourism hotspot.

Nakuru County enjoys the best tourist attractions of Lake Nakuru National Park with the most beautiful flamingo birds and other wild animals attracting both domestic and international investors. Other tourist attraction sites include Hell’s Gate, Lake Naivasha, Menengai Crater, Hyrax Hill Anthropological Site, and Lake Elementaita. The tourist attraction sites in Nakuru County have resulted in the establishment of numerous five- and three-star hotels to offer accommodation for tourists. Entertainment joints such as clubs, bars, casinos, and golf courses have also been developed to cater to the ever-growing market.

In comparison to the other five major centers, Nakuru has water availability for 17 hours each day, according to this survey. As a major determinant of company placement and affordable residential plots with ready title deeds, the availability of water places i.e boreholes, Nakuru is at the top of the list since it makes it simpler to perform agricultural activities and engage in construction.

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