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Tuendelee Kuinuana – Hope And Optimism In The New Year

by Femme Staff

In August last year, Safaricom unveiled Tuinuane – a clarion call for Kenyans to lift one another through acts of love and kindness. Not necessarily in grand gestures, but in whatever ways that kindness, brotherhood and sisterhood can shine through. The world has been rather hard on us all in the last few years with effects of the pandemic and global politics making life almost unbearable for many. But we still have each other and the togetherness that Kenyans have always been known for.

It is this togetherness that Safaricom is tapping into by encouraging Kenyans to have each other’s backs. Since launch of Tuinuane, we have told several stories that bring out the beauty of people standing up for one another. They are quite a number but to highlight a few, we have the story of Anastasia Mwende who is helping people rebuild their secondhand clothes businesses at affordably by selling half bales. And that of Moving The Goalposts – an organization that is changing the lives of under privileged girls in Kilifi through football. I cannot fail to mention Cup of Uji, a personal initiative by Francis Amonde to provides under privileged school children with a cup of porridge daily to meet their nutritional needs. These are just a few examples, otherwise our daily lives are awash with more, majority of them unhighlighted.

2023 – Tuendelee Kuinuana

It is this kindness and consideration for one another that softens the vagaries of life, and this is the same spirit with which we are stepping into 2023. January has aways been a financially challenging month for many, and more so this year with unprecedented cost of living and a government that is still settling in. But we keep hope and optimism high, continue kuinuana, and indeed go right ahead and weave the spirit of Tuinuane more into our DNA.

Opportunities to share kindness are all around us considering that it does not necessarily have to be anything grand. You could help a child with back-to-school shopping using your unused Safaricom Bonga Points for instance. You could also come through for a friend by sorting out their bills with points.

Over the last few years and particularly in the last two months or so, Kenyans have come to witness the power of Bonga Points in helping friends, family, and other people in need. As far back as 2020, we covered the story of Compassionate Hands For Disabled Children, a special needs home in Ruai that received Ksh.155,000/- under the Bonga For Good Initiative that was running then. Management was able to buy food, juicers and coolers to facilitate better care for the children living with severe disabilities. More recently under Pamoja Tuungane, Kenyans have helped feed families and communities up North by donating points to be converted into money for food. All these are acts of kindness and every little effort elevates someone somewhere.

As Safaricom also does it’s part to lift Kenyans, it is not only Bonga Point recovery that it is facilitating to ease Kenyans’ lives. There are lots of offers and discounts that if made use of keenly will see to daily savings here and there. Like the YouTube bundle offers with which we can enjoy creating and watching video content on regular YouTube or YouTube Shorts. And the data deals with which we get to enjoy data for as little as 20 bob. We also have the recently unveiled Go Monthly proposition, an all-in-one bundle with flexible packages to choose from.

The thing with January and all the financial hiccups it comes with is, whenever you come across an opportunity to save a few coins, grab it. Those small small savings here and there will go a long way in easing every day expenses. Look out for these discounts wherever you go, be it at Safaricom, your favourite supermarket, online service providers, etc. These will add up to make January and the year as a whole easier.

Above all, let’s embrace 2023 with the spirit of helping na tuendelee kuinuana.

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