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LG’s 2030 Sustainability Blue Print

by Femme Staff

Last month, LG Electronics unveiled its 2023 strategy which is anchored on its 2030 sustainability blueprint. The strategy is vast and potentially very impactful, and here are a few actions that the company is undertaking.

LG has always been conscious of the environment, taking huge steps in their manufacturing and packaging processes to protect the earth as much as possible. Some of the company’s initiatives towards a greener earth are minimalist design appliances made with recyclable materials. The fact that they are minimalist is a back to basics approach which means that they require less materials to manufacture, and ultimately use less energy.

LG is carrying the planet agenda into 2030, with a plan and promise to always have the earth and the people as a first priority in their policies. To quantify some of their efforts, the company aims to use 600,000 tons of recycled plastic by 2030. This is a major commitment to the environment and since it is quantified, it is easier to follow up on and be accountable. Furthermore, LG aims to have collected 4.5 Million tons of e-waste still by 2030. E-Waste disposal is becoming a major problem for environment conscious people and it is great to see companies take up initiatives to help individuals keep up with a clean environment.

Another example of LG’s commitment to the environment is the crucial step the company took towards attracting new ideas in sustainability. By organizing the LG Life’s Good Awards which 314 entries from 61 nations, LG took a big step into recognizing and supporting fellow innovators as well as supporting the most outstanding ones through to fruition. 

Looking at the finalist list and the overall winner, it is clear that people the world over have brilliant ideas and with the right kind of help, they can make the world a better place.  Some examples of finalists are Solutum, which seeks to sustain convenience of plastic while eliminating the waste. This is through creating of bioplastic that dissolves in water leaving almost no trace behind.

We also have Day1Lab who seek to completely change our perception of plastic by creating a plastic alternative that is fabricated from natural materials, and which will return to nature after the life of the product. Another example is NONA Technologies whose portable device can desalinate sea water into safe drinkable water. The overall winner of the of the Life’s Good Awards is Dot Inc, who developed an assistive information display device for the visually impaired composed of 2,400 braille pins – or ‘dots’ – which move up and down. Read more about them here.

In the next article, we will look at the new technologies that LG unveiled at CES 2023, modern technologies up its sleeve, and the strategic partnerships that the company is forming to bring good customer experience and modernity to customers’ lives.  

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