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10 reasons why the 9Kg LG AI DD Washing Machine Should Be Top of Your Home Upgrade List This Year

by Femme Staff

Remember the numerous times you have had tiffs with your house manager over laundry mishaps? Those instructions you have repeatedly given but had misunderstood or disregarded altogether? Get yourself this LG AI DD Washing Machine and retain that otherwise capable house manager (save for laundry).

Intelligent Care

This LG washing Machine offers 18% more fabric protection through AI DD technology which selects the most Optimized washing motion through detecting not only the weight and pattern of the fabric but also sensing its softness.

Steam Feature

This LG Steam technology eliminates 99.9% of allergens such as pollen or dust mites that can lead to respiratory issues or allergies. This washing machine’s Allergy Care cycle is certified by the British Allergy Foundation.

Smart Appliance

 This is by far the coolest feature of this washer. LG ThinQ technology enables you to start and control your laundry remotely, monitor your cycles and energy usage and also download additional wash cycles.


On design, this LG front loader washing machine comes in Platinum Silver colors. It has a tempered glass door with a chrome rim and both a dial and touch display. The display background color is black and it has an increased dial knob size with a metallic finish.


It has an elegant tempered glass door and a more hygienic full stainless steel inside with a stainless steel lifter which is 99% anti-bacteria. The tub clean feature maintains optimal performance of your washing machine by clearing detergent buildup, scum and other residue, keeping your wash drum shiny and clean. You can run the Tub Clean cycle every 30 cycles or once per month. This guarantees durability and significantly reduces maintenance costs.


This LG laundry machine has a 9kg capacity and weighs 70kg. It measures 600 by 850 by 620 (W|H|D, mm) and can comfortably wash your duvets with a drum volume of 68 liters and drum hole size of 300mm.

Add Item Function

You know how inconveniencing it can be when you find that missing dirty sock  or trouser you misplaced weeks back after you have already started your wash cycle?This feature allows  users to add pieces of cloth into the machine easily and conveniently mid cycle.


It has a child lock feature to avoid accidents seeing as toddlers are curiosity driven and more times than not put themselves in harm’s way.

Smart Diagnosis

Interact with it easily and access the latest innovations with Wi-Fi connectivity such as diagnosis alerts if something is wrong. You will see an error message indication and get an error message alarm.


Enjoy a two year warranty on this 9kg LG laundry machine in addition to a 10 year warranty on the inverter DD compressor.

If you are looking to do your laundry in half the time with less water, get yourself this energy efficient LG washing machine

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