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The 2023 Connected Kenya Summit Theme: Digital Economy – Endless Opportunities Shaping The Future

by Femme Staff

The 12th edition of the regional Connected Kenya Summit, organized by the ICT Authority (ICTA), is set to take place in Kwale County from April 2nd to 5th, 2023. The Summit aims to assess advancements and accomplishments in the field of ICT, exchange expertise, share case studies, and learn from the experiences of ICT experts. Additionally, it aims to formulate and propose strategies, rules, and practical measures, as well as create a forum for valuable networking that can foster productive relationships and contribute to economic progress.

The Connected Kenya Summit, which originated in 2009, has consistently provided a platform for professionals from various sectors, including the private, public, and academic fields, as well as ICT experts and thought leaders, to convene and exchange ideas. The upcoming summit will be held under the theme “The Digital Economy: Endless Opportunities Shaping the Future,” which is crucially aligned with one of the government’s primary objectives: the Digital Superhighway and Creative Economy. In addition, the government’s top ICT priorities include the digitization of government services, digitalization, and the development of a digitally competent workforce.

Kenya has been recognized as one of the leading countries in Africa that has made significant strides in establishing ICT infrastructure for the betterment of its citizens and government operations. Capitalizing on this achievement, the government plans to make substantial investments in ICT infrastructure, including 100,000 kilometers of fiber-optic cable and 25,000 complimentary Wi-Fi hotspots in public spaces.

During the launch of one of the free Wi-Fi hotspots at Wakulima Market in Muthurwa, Nairobi County, in December of the previous year, Hon. Eliud Owalo, the Cabinet Secretary for ICT & the Digital Economy, emphasized that the government was prioritizing the enhancement of the living standards of Kenyans. He further stated that this priority would extend to every sector of the economy, underscoring the importance of affordable, reliable, and secure internet access as a crucial enabler in this endeavor.

‘’We are going to move from one corner of the country to the other, not only ensuring that our proposed extra 100,000 km of fibre optic cable are being laid out, but also that we are enabling Kenyans to access the superhighway through Government funded hotspots. ‘’ the CS said.

‘’The success of the recently launched Hustler Fund, for example, depends heavily on functional digital technology, everywhere in the country. My ministry is, accordingly, focused on availing this technology to every Kenyan, regardless of where they may be in the country,” he added. 

To date, approximately 1,650 critical public institutions and offices have been linked up. The ICT Authority in Nairobi has implemented the Government Core Central Network, which serves as a secure shared service aimed at improving the exchange of information among government agencies. Additionally, the ICT Authority has plans to deploy 25,000 internet hotspots in commercial centers, rural areas, and other public spaces.

Connectivity is a vital aspect of any country’s digital economy growth. It creates new possibilities for small and medium-sized enterprises by enabling them to access online markets, thereby reaching a more extensive customer base, resulting in increased revenue growth.

Past Connected Summits have produced several outcomes, such as the Huduma Secretariat and the Presidential Digital Talent Programme (Digitalent), which the government is implementing in collaboration with the private sector to establish Kenya’s digital skills and workforce. Other notable achievements include the Huduma Centre Initiative and the e-citizen platform, which are employed to provide e-government services.

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