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HRLeverage Africa Announces Expansion Into Eight African Countries, Kenya Included

by Femme Staff

HRLeverage, a reputable company that offers outsourcing and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solutions, has revealed its plans to expand its operations into Kenya and seven other African countries, which include Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Senegal, Nigeria, and Zambia. With a strong commitment to facilitating seamless business expansion, especially for startups, HRLeverage aims to provide infrastructure and technology-driven approaches that offer companies effortless solutions, allowing them to prioritize their core business activities.

HRLeverage, which was established in Lagos in 2014, has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive services to assist businesses in expanding into Africa and attracting top talent. The company’s offerings encompass a diverse range of solutions, including outsourcing, recruitment, HR advisory, workforce management, and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services. In addition, HRLeverage’s specialization in handling taxes, statutory requirements, and employment risks makes them a single-point solution for businesses. With the support of HRLeverage, businesses can confidently navigate the complexities of entering new markets, while mitigating risks, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance with local laws.

“We believe that the pandemic has revealed a fundamental truth about trade obstacles being a human deliberate obstacle. With incremental tech-enabled businesses generating sky-rocketing profits, the world truly became a global village in 2020, and trading with neighboring countries is possible,” stated Seyi Babatunde, co-founder of HRLeverage.

“At HRLeverage Africa, Our focus is not only on encouraging intra-African trade but also on building business infrastructure and helping retain African money in Africa. Through our new workspace, Office phase, we are committed to supporting startups across the continent and providing space to incubate their ideas. We welcome startups to use our spaces or leverage our outsourcing products at HRLeverage to get and manage top talent.”

According to a recent publication by the Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Kenya has emerged as one of the leading startup hubs in Africa, with a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem that is attracting both local and international investors. The study also notes that Kenyan startups are increasingly looking to expand into other African markets. With the potential for continued growth and success in the coming years, businesses can leverage HRLeverage’s solutions to access the resources necessary to build a strong foundation for their journey toward growth.

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