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Enter The OPPO Imagine IF Photography Competition 2023

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OPPO has always been known for great phone cameras that put the power of advanced photography into the hands of mobile phone users. The company has now announced the commencement of the Imagine IF Photography Awards 2023 – a mobile photography competition that aims to transcend the conventional boundaries of creativity and expression in the visual arts. The slogan “Beyond the Image, Beyond Imagination” represents OPPO’s dedication to advancing progress through technological innovation and fostering the creativity of individuals worldwide. OPPO’s cutting-edge mobile photography technology caters to non-professional users, allowing them to unleash their maximum aesthetic potential and create timeless works of art.

The awards offered by OPPO serve as a testament to their unwavering dedication to motivate mobile photographers. The OPPO Imagine IF Master of the Year (Golden Award) stands out in the industry for its substantial prize of $23,000, the opportunity to participate in the esteemed Hasselblad Image Training Camp, and the chance to showcase one’s work in international photo exhibitions. In addition to this, there are four Silver Awards ($8,000) and ten OPPO Bronze Awards ($3,000), each of which comes with attractive prizes and valuable opportunities for training and exposure.

OPPO has formed an esteemed panel of judges for the competition, comprising world-renowned photographers with diverse perspectives and extensive experience. The panel includes Alec Soth, a member of Magnum Photos and one of the most renowned contemporary photographic artists. Pete Lau, Senior Vice President, and Chief Product Officer of OPPO also adds his valuable insights to the panel. Tang Hui, a top portrait photographer and Hasselblad Master, brings his wealth of experience to the judging process, while Tina Signesdottir Hult, an internationally recognized art photographer and Hasselblad Master, contributes her discerning eye. Wang Jianjun, a prominent landscape photographer and member of the Chinese Photographers Association, lends his expertise to the competition. Additionally, Yin Chao, a top fashion photographer and Hasselblad ambassador, brings his expertise to the judging process.

The competition features eight different entry categories, including The Distant View, Portrait, Night Scenery, Colors, Landscape, The Taste of Memories, Light & Shadow, and Chapters of a Life, aimed at inspiring creativity among OPPO users worldwide.

To participate in this competition, Kenyan OPPO fans can visit https://imagine-if.oppo.com/en/  to make submission of their photos. Submissions for the OPPO Imagine IF Photography Awards 2023 are open until July 25, 2023 and can be made through OPPO Imagine IF official website.

For more information, please visit the official OPPO Imagine IF Photography Awards website at https://imagine-if.oppo.com/en/

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