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The Household DJs Who Will Be Performing At Stanbic Yetu Festival.

by Femme Staff

Get ready for the Stanbic Yetu Festival, happening on June 10, 2023 at Uhuru Garden in Nairobi. This year’s event promises to be the biggest and best yet, showcasing the legendary musicians Boyz II Men and the sensational Sauti Sol.

Experience the essence of the event as the versatile DJs take the stage, ensuring your energy stays revitalized and synchronized with each captivating beat. They will skillfully blend rhythms that make every part of your body harmonize with the music.

Ever heard about Dj Shaky? This is not your typical DJ. By day, he is the Chief Finance Officer of Telkom Kenya, but his true passion lies in music. Having been an ardent collector of vinyl records, audio tapes, and CDs since his teenage years, DJ Shaky’s love for music knows no bounds. The man will be at the Stanbic Yetu to give you an unforgettable treat.

How about G-Money? With nearly two decades of professional DJing under his belt, G Money brings a wealth of experience to the Stanbic Yetu Festival. Having travelled across the Caribbean, the US, and the UK, G Money’s diverse taste in music allows him to connect with people of all generations and genres. As a “pirate radio” DJ, he used music as a tool of communication. Having performed alongside superstars like Lauryn Hill, Jay Z, and Ashanti, G Money eagerly awaits Sauti Sol and Boyz II Men’s incredible performances. Set those dancing shoes ready.

If you haven’t met DJ Grauchi, then you need to up your game and the reason not to miss this year’s festival. Name is Zak Utua rising star in the DJ scene. His unique blends on the decks and high-energy performances have garnered him a dedicated fan base, extending beyond the borders of Kenya. DJ Grauchi’s popular mixtape series, “The Wake-Up Call,” has attracted a massive audience on platforms like YouTube. You do not want to miss this.

And DJ Dream? This man will make you turn your dreams into reality through tunes. For over a decade, DJ Dream has been a prominent figure in Kenya’s urban DJ scene. His extensive music library and innate ability to read the crowd make him one of the most sought-after DJs in the country. DJ Dream is renowned for his well-popularized R&B events that have captured the hearts of the ladies in Nairobi. With his expertise and charm, he ensures that every night is memorable.

CNG will be in the house too. Who else would you want to listen to if not this guy? Charles Njoroge Githumbi is his but famously known as CNGthedj, a young and vibrant professional DJ. He first discovered his passion for music during his time at Jamhuri High School, where he became the in-house DJ. Having opened for acclaimed artists like Adekunle Gold and Sauti Sol, CNG knows how to work for the crowd and infuse his unique energy into every performance.

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