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The Nokia G60 5G – A Powerful Sustainably Built Device

by Femme Staff

One of the most notably sustainable mobile phone manufacturers is Nokia and with me here I have the Nokia G60 5G – the most environmentally conscious addition to the G series lineup yet. I’ve been using the device for the last month or so and it feels great to be able to play my part towards environmental preservation. Nokia reports that the phone is made from 100% recycled plastic for its back and 60% recycled plastic for the frame. This is quite a major step in sustainability and the phone is a great choice for all green enthusiasts.

In HMD’s estimate, if one million people held onto their Nokia G60 5G for an extra year, they would save the same CO2e as needed to power 5,652 homes for a whole year. Source.

Here are my thoughts on the device. But first, what’s in the box?  There is the phone itself, a charging brick, USB cable, SIM ejector tool and manufacturer information and user guide. The packaging itself is minimized in line with Nokia’s sustainability policy. It is made of renewable material and is 100% recyclable.


My piece came in a solid black with a well-blended camera casing on the top left side. The sides are quite minimalistic with the SIM tray slot on the left and the power and volume rockers on the right side. At the top there is only a mic. Features are more concentrated at the bottom of the phone where we have the 3.5mm jack, another mic, USB charging slot and loudspeakers. At 6.58”, it is quite comfortable in my hand and easy to use even with one hand.

Performance and storage

The phone ships out with Android 12 but has since updated to Android 13. Behind every good phone is a powerful chipset which is basically the brain of the device and the device has a Qualcomm SM6375 Snapdragon 695 5G chipset. This is an assuring spec even for the most ardent multitasker who can rest assured that the phone will not glitch even when running memory intensive activities like gaming.

With Nokia’s three years of OS upgrades and monthly security updates, users can be assured of a smooth-running device. With 64GB RAM and 4GB ROM, there is almost zero chance of the phone slowing down or lagging while multitasking between apps, or of filling up memory space. In the event where one needs additional memory, the phone has a microSD slot.


Nokia goes all out with the cameras with a 200MP back camera supported by a 5MP ultra-wide and a 2MP depth sensor.  A 200MP camera signifies a new era in mobile photography in mid-level phones, empowering users to explore photography skills they didn’t know they had. It is also redefining the limits of what we thought can be achieved with a smartphone camera, given that the exceptionally high resolution in the Nokia G60 5G is supported by other features like dual sight, flash shot, panorama, slow motion and Pro mode for those who want to explore more than just point and shoot photography. Users will be able to enjoy stunningly sharp images that could even rival professional grade cameras.

The Nokia G60 5G also comes with the GoPro Quik App preinstalled so you can shoot, edit and share your creativity from anywhere.


Nokia has always stood out for innovative battery solutions, with batteries designed with a focus on efficiency, longevity, and sustainability. The brand’s commitment to eco-friendliness is reflected in their efforts to create energy-efficient batteries with reduced environmental impact. The Nokia G60 5g has a 4500mAh battery, supported by inbuilt battery saving features and 20W wired charging.


Nokia phones in general are a good purchase for their solid build and durability, environmental considerations in manufacturing and the 3-3-3 support which is three OS upgrades, three years of monthly security updates and a free three-year warranty for extra peace of mind. The G60 5G is no exception and when you consider all these alongside the power that the phone packs, it is certainly a worthy purchase. It is retailing at Ksh.52,000/- give or take.

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