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A Look At The WD My Passport HDD And The Importance Of Portable Storage

by Femme Staff

In today’s digital age, portable storage is becoming more and more of a necessity in our lives. Gone are the days when these devices were only for offices and other bulk data handlers. These days individuals too need additional storage depending on their lifestyles and their line of work.

In my case for instance, I work full time in the digital space, and this affords me the opportunity to work from anywhere. I work with large files and on any given day, I need enough storage on all my gadgets and more storage on an external hard disk. One could argue that a good phone and laptop are enough but that’s not the case. Those still won’t provide the freedom and peace of mind to freely store and move around with files as big as long high-resolution videos.

This is where the WD My Passport hard disk drive comes in. At 2 terabyte capacity, this is just the assurance a user needs that they will not run out of space. I love that the gadget comes in a small enough size to fit in the palms of my hand, or to slip into my handbag, pocket, or laptop bag pocket. At 107.2mm length and 75mm width, it is actually the exact width as my mobile phone, and about half the length. To be able to carry so much power in such a small device weighing just 139g is the height of portability and convenience.

The WD My Passport HDD comes equipped with the custom-made cable for data transfer which you’ll find in the box alongside the hard disk and manufacturer literature. My piece came in 2TB, but the range has other options of 1TB, 4TB and 5TB. Users also get to enjoy other perks that enhance convenience and security, like password protection, hardware encryption, and automatic file backup which one can schedule in a time and frequency of their choice. With transfer speeds of up to 1050MB/s, there are no worries about buffering and delays whatsoever.

The WD My Passport HDD which comes with a 3-year warranty is compatible with Windows 10+ and ChromeOS. With WD software, you can also download the NTFS driver for macOS, so you can work seamlessly between operating systems without reformatting.


This is certainly a worthy purchase given the superior features that it comes with. Check it out here for more details and pricing.

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