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OPPO Reno 10 5G vs. Tecno Camon 20 Premier 5G: Mid-Range Smartphone Showdown – Features, Performance, and Value

by Femme Staff

The smartphone market these days is very kind to people wanting a good phone on a budget. Manufacturers are packing more power and superior features into mid-range phones, like the recently launched OPPO Reno 10 5G. First off it is a beautiful device and I must give it to OPPO for improving on the looks of their phones launch after launch.

My review device for the Reno 10 5G came in silver grey, a colour that fits right into my life since I tend towards darkish and clean looking devices. There is also the option of a beautiful ice blue that dances into different colours in the light. The phone has a shimmer effect which adds to the feeling of class and refinement. At the back of the phone there is a well-positioned camera casing in a unique oval shape that does not take away from the beauty of the phone, and the OPPO branding.

The looks set the phone apart as a quite a conversation starter. Aside from appearance though, how does the phone compare to close competitors? Let’s look at the OPPO Reno 10 5G side by side with the Tecno Camon 20 Premier 5G.

Both phones are mid-range and are quite popular choices among consumers. They come with some impressive features that make them worth considering for users who want compact feature packed devices. In this article, we will compare the two devices and highlight their similarities and differences.

In terms of design, both the OPPO Reno 10 5G and Tecno Camon 20 Premier 5G have a modern and sleek look although I prefer the OPPO camera casing which I find sleeker with a simple oval shape as opposed to Tecno’s asymmetrical casing which I find a bit overdone. For me, simple does it any day. As mentioned earlier, the OPPO Reno 10 5G comes in silver grey and ice blue. The Tecno comes in black and serenity blue, so the colour schemes for both are not too far apart.

The OPPO Reno 10 5G has a 6.7” display with a resolution of 1080×2412 pixels. This is a very sharp display to make phone experience great for regular phone users, phone photographers, gamers, and for video calls. Tecno Camon 20 Premier 5G comes at a slightly smaller display of 6.67” and a resolution of 1080×2400 which is lower than the OPPO though the difference is not obvious when the phones are in use.

For the camera which is one of the first features that users look out for in a phone, the OPPO Reno 10 5G comes with a 64MP back camera while the Tecno Camon Premier 5G has a 50MP. This is a selling point that certainly puts OPPO above when one is choosing a phone. Not that the Tecno is too shabby though. The Camon series has always been known to have awesome cameras. Both phones have 32MP selfie cameras and will record video at 4k from the main cameras.

When it comes to storage and performance, both phones come with the latest Android version which is Android 13, and the latest respective operating systems which are HiOS 13 for Tecno and ColorOS 13.1 for OPPO. OPPO Reno 10 5G has 256GB internal memory and 8GB RAM while the Tecno Camon 20 Premier 5G comes with 512GB internal memory and 8GB RAM. Tecno takes it on this one with a much larger memory but all in all, 256GB is also quite adequate and from my end I don’t see a point at which I would ever fill it up.

Both phones come with a 5000mAh battery but the OPPO Reno 10 5G sets itself apart with a 67W charging system while the Tecno Camon Premier 5G has 33W. The OPPO will therefore charge faster especially with the revolutionary VOOC charging technology and for me this is quite a selling point. I’m able to charge 0-100 in just under half an hour, something I find quite an advantage since I’m a heavy phone user. Once you go fast charge there is no looking back. With the 5000mAh battery, I’m able to do a full day of use and only start worrying towards the evening, so both phones are similar on that front.

As mentioned earlier, both phones are midrange, with the Reno 10 5G retailing at Ksh.56,000/- give or take. This is a slightly higher price than the Tecno Camon which is retailing for Ksh.52,000/- give or take but as you can see throughout the article, the Reno 10 has more elevated features. The unbeatable features for me on the Reno 10 are the curved edges which give the phone a very refined look, the 64 MP camera and the 67W VOOC charger.

Ultimately, the choice between these two devices will depend on user specific requirements as well as budget. My advice would be to bump up the budget by that Ksh.4,000/- and get the Reno 10 which will give you more features and therefore justify the price tag.

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