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Absa Bank Kenya’s Initiative: Celebrating Kenyan Resilience and Financial Wellness

by Femme Staff

Absa Bank Kenya has rolled out an initiative that seeks to celebrate Kenyans’ resilience and educate them on appropriate measures to improve their personal financial wellness as well as enhance their capacity to access necessary funds to achieve their goals.

Dubbed, Every Kind of Financial Solution for Every Kind of You, the Bank is reinforcing its commitment to financial wellness amongst Kenyans through solutions, tools and tips that will enable them to rise above the different aspects of their life as well as the impact of financial decisions on one’s future.

To complement this, the initiative delivers a holistic set of financial services by enhancing key online banking features: savings at a competitive rate of 9% p.a. with monthly payouts, making digital loan top-ups accessible through all platforms, and providing access to insurance. 

Absa Bank Kenya’s Customer Network Director, Peter Mutua reaffirmed the Bank’s dedication to empowering Kenyans with an overall goal to help improve the financial health of individuals through democratizing access, and education on managing credit and investments while streamlining their savings and insurance needs.  

“We acknowledge and celebrate the diverse nature of Kenyans and the “different hats they wear” in their lives. As a financial partner, we are continuously developing relevant solutions that meet our customers’ specific needs” said Mutua. 

“We also understand the challenges our customers face in today’s economic landscape given that most of their disposable incomes have also been affected. We are looking to empower them to take control of their financial futures and turn challenges into opportunities – a demonstration of our continued dedication to their financial wellness,” Mutua added.

Under this effort, Kenyans can now access valuable financial tips and knowledge through a wide range of media platforms, both online and offline. This initiative aligns with the banking industry’s financial literacy campaign, aimed at fostering a culture of savings among the youth and the general public in the country.

As part of efforts to enhance customer experience, the Bank last year invested up to KES 2 billion in technological upgrades that have significantly improved the way consumers experience the brand. This included the introduction of the digital onboarding platform, a virtual self-service process where customers can open an account and transact independently in under 12 minutes. 

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