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Revolutionizing Workspace Solutions in Nairobi: IWG’s Spaces at Global Trade Centre

by Femme Staff

IWG, the world’s foremost provider of hybrid working solutions, renowned for its prestigious portfolio of brands such as Spaces and Regus, is introducing a groundbreaking flexible workspace centre at the prestigious Global Trade Centre (GTC) in Nairobi. This significant advancement is the result of a strategic collaboration with AMS Properties Ltd and is scheduled for an official launch in November. Nestled on the 1st floor of Nairobi’s esteemed Global Trade Centre Westlands, this state-of-the-art facility under the Spaces-brand encompasses a remarkable 1,761 square metres, featuring a versatile range of co-working areas, private offices, state-of-the-art meeting facilities, and inspiring creative spaces.

This expansion is a direct response to the ever-growing demand for hybrid working solutions, which has reached an unparalleled peak. Following a record-breaking first half of the year – marked by IWG’s highest-ever revenue figures and an astonishing expansion of our network with the addition of 612 new locations globally between January and end of September 2023 – IWG is poised for remarkable growth. This unparalleled demand from companies of all sizes, as well as professionals seeking flexible working solutions, is propelling IWG to establish 1,000 new locations in the upcoming year.

The hybrid working trend is experiencing explosive market growth, with experts predicting that by 2030, 30% of all commercial real estate will be dedicated to flexible workspaces. IWG empowers its partners to capitalise on this dynamic sector, leveraging our extensive experience. Hybrid working significantly lowers operational costs, offering an average saving of $11,000 per employee.

Nairobi distinguishes itself as a rapidly expanding regional hub, demonstrating a strong and consistent demand for workspaces within IWG’s diverse portfolio. The surge in inquiries for IWG locations remains on a steadfast upward trajectory. Acknowledging the growing interest in hybrid working arrangements, AMS Properties Limited has made a strategic decision to invest in the IWG platform. With an annual investment of approximately £50 million into its technology platform, IWG also empowers partners with extensive access to the company’s expertise, design and fit-out support, as well as its sales and marketing capabilities.

In Nairobi, IWG has established successful partnerships with various building owners, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of flexible workspace solutions. This expansion is a part of IWG’s strategic initiative to meet the surging demand for top-notch flexible working spaces in the region. The location will offer space to established businesses and startups across various industries, with IWG’s “Design Your Own Office” service enabling companies to customise their workspace to match their unique requirements.

In 2024, the second and third floors will accommodate additional private offices, complemented by a vibrant business lounge designed for the convenient use by our valued members. Furthermore, we are set to offer virtual office solutions, ideal for individuals or businesses in need of a distinguished business address or professional telephone answering services.

CEO and Founder of IWG, Mark Dixon, reveals:We are solidifying our presence in Nairobi with our latest Spaces opening at Global Trade Centre. As a pivotal business hub, Nairobi is an exceptional location to advance our expansion strategy. The demand for premium, adaptable workspaces remains on the rise, especially with the widespread adoption of hybrid working. Collaborating with AMS Properties, we are delighted to announce the opening of the Spaces location, which will offer a state-of-the-art workspace at Global Trade Centre.”

IWG Sales City Manager for Nairobi, Simon Gichuhi shares, “This new opening coincides with the growing trend of more companies recognizing the positive impact of flexible working on employee satisfaction and environmental responsibility. Our workspace model is not only proven to enhance productivity but also enables businesses to adjust their operations with significant cost savings.”

IWG stands at the forefront of the flexible workspace revolution, boasting a global presence approaching 4,000 locations spanning across more than 120 countries. Members have the convenience of accessing all locations and business services via the IWG app.

As the shift towards hybrid working accelerates, conventional office occupancy is expected to decline as businesses opt for flexible workspace solutions. In 2022, IWG welcomed numerous new partner locations and is on track to add approximately 1,000 more within the next year. Notably, IWG’s customer base already includes 83% of Fortune 500 companies, attesting to its industry leadership and global reach.

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