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“Glow in the Dark Innovation: Tecno Camon 20 Mr. Doodle – A Fusion of Art and Technology”

by Femme Staff

Imagine having a glow in the dark phone. This dream does not have to be in your imagination anymore because a few months ago, Tecno introduced the Tecno Camon 20 Doodle edition in partnership with Sam Cox – a popular graffiti artist from the UK who has been doodling since the age of two. In this first of its kind collaboration, the Camon 20 Mr. Doodle absorbs light during the daytime and releases it as fluorescence light at night, allowing the phone’s back to display Mr Doodle’s graffiti works. This is a most fascinating and unique partnership that I never saw coming, but when it got here it made all the sense and here is why.

Tecno’s Camon 20 series is known for its cutting-edge camera technology, while Mr. Doodle is celebrated for his whimsical and intricate doodle art. The partnership between the two brings art and technology together in a synergy that the world has not seen before. With its powerful camera, Tecno Camon 20 provides just the canvas for Mr. Doodle to unleash his creativity.

I’ve had the pleasure of using the Tecno Camon 20 Mr. Doodle phone for some time now and here are my thoughts.


At first glance, the Tecno Camon 20 Mr. Doodle looks like a regular phone, quite beautiful with Tecno’s puzzle design on the back cover. The really fascinating part is the glow in dark feature that brings home the power and uniqueness of Tecno’s partnership with the artist.

The body of the phone is a slim design that fits comfortably in the hands. At the back it features the 64MP camera, a portrait lense, and a quad ring flash. The camera bumps are of a height that does not lift too much, so the phone lays almost flat onto surfaces.

The left side of the device features only the SIM tray, while the right side has the power button and volume rockers. The top remains minimalistic with just a loudspeaker while the bottom has the 3.5mm jack slot, charging port, mic, and another loudspeaker.

Overall, the device is minimalistic, and this gives the art elements all the space to shine. Kudos to Tecno for that.


The device comes with the standard 5000mAh non removable battery with a 33W fast charger. I would classify myself as a heavy user since a lot of my work and entertainment are on phone, and this battery takes me for almost a full day. I only ever need to use a power bank if I’m extending my workday, which is quite rare. Besides the big battery and fast charge, the phone also comes with a number of battery saving settings to take advantage of if battery is going down and one is not near a recharge option.


The Camon series has always been Tecno’s household name for great cameras and Mr. Doodle is no exception. The back camera is 64MP with RGBW night portrait and the selfie camera is 32MP with AI shine. RGBW is the Red Green and Blue colour scheme, but with addition of white pixels.  With the added white color, RGBW LED displays more precise colors to achieve full-color lighting since it allow more colour mixing options and better colour reproduction.

Aside from the cameras, Tecno also enhances photography with a host of AI presets like dual video, super night mode, time lapse and sky shop for astrology photography. Spend some time with the phone and explore these features and soon enough you’ll be a near pro photographer.

Here are some photos I took with it.


The Camon Mr. Doodle comes with Android 13 and HiOS 13, a power combination of operating systems by Google and Tecno to keep the phone upto date in terms of performance, security and personalization. It has an internal storage capacity of 256GB ROM and a RAM of 8GB expandable by 5GB. These specs give users the assurance of never running out of space for their photos and videos, and never having to deal with sluggish phone and freezing apps.

Heavy users like gamers will have a particularly smooth run since with a Helio G99 chipset, good RAM and a high refresh rate, the phone is able to handle heavy graphics and fast speeds that gaming demands. Good resolution, good sound, and good memory means that they get to enjoy the speed and high quality of graphics that make gaming what it is.


With a screen size of 6.7” and a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, the phone has a crystal clear display with vibrant colours. The 120Hz refresh rate makes it speedy to scroll and therefore a pleasure to use.


The concept of technology meeting art is quite a great selling point for this phone. For the price of Ksh.35,499/- give or take, it is a worthy purchase given that other than the Mr. Doodle addition, Camon 20 is already a high quality phone.

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