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My 2023 Journey With OPPO Phones

by Femme Staff

I get excited every time an OPPO device lands on my desk because ever since I started reviewing their gadgets at OPPO Reno 5, I have fallen in love with every single release for different reasons. Reno 5 is the phone that I described in my first ever interaction as near perfect and to date it is still in my mind. Not that subsequent phones are not up to standard. Far from it. But the Reno 5 stood out for kicking off my journey with OPPO on a very high note.

Through the years, I have interacted with every OPPO phone that has launched and this time year alone, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of using the Reno 8T 5G, Reno 10 5G and OPPO Find N3 Flip. All these phones have standout characteristics that make them fit right into my life, like high quality finish, slim profile and lightweight which all add to the appeal of the phone.  Not that I do not appreciate their high performance and above all super-fast charging which is my most peace inducing feature of OPPO phones thanks to Super VOOC charging systems.  OPPO has also seen to it that my mobile photography game is tops, and that my social media does not have any grainy images.

For each of the three phones mentioned above, something stood out more for me and more so as first impressions. For the OPPO Reno 10 5G right off the box, it is the striking appearance due to the curved edges, a high-quality shimmery back cover and a unique dual toned camera module. My piece came in a dark grey, which brings in class and elegance that goes right along with my lifestyle.  It is my current daily phone and I’m a happy camper as always.

For the Reno 8T 5G which I got to use earlier in the year, it was love at first site given the looks. A very sleek phone whose back cover was a shimmery sunrise colour that danced in the light to produce other hues depending on the angle of the phone. This, combined with the curved screen and the overall simplicity gave the phone a luxurious feel and this is exactly what I look for in the exterior of a device. In my line of work, I have access to a lot of phones, and I’m often confused about which one to keep as a primary but with this one I had no doubt. As was the case with Reno 5, the lightweight super slim Reno 8T came into my life and fit right in. I used it till other OPPO phones came along and parted with it reluctantly.

The most recent OPPO phone that I’ve interacted with is the OPPO Find N3 Flip. Usually, I have a hard time picking a favourite but this one I almost have no doubt. Just like its predecessor, The OPPO Find N3 Flip is a stunner right off the box. My piece came in cream, a colour that I fell in love with since I saw it at launch in Dubai. With the uniqueness of flip phones and high-quality finish, it is undoubtedly a premium device and quite the conversation starter. Whether folded or open, it is quite well laid out with only the OPPO branding at the back, and the cover screen and camera casing at the front. Its minimalist design enhances its overall elegance and charm.

I’m particularly fascinated by the cover screen. With a 3.26” display, it is a fully functional feature of the phone with operations like quick access to apps and a view finder for the back cameras.  The screen can be customized with an array of pre-installed options like bitmoji, text art, clocks or animated pet emojis which is my screen saver of choice. You can also pick media from your phone gallery. The functions on the cover screen are operatable through swipes, double taps and long presses. 

I can’t wait to see what OPPO has in store as next year comes around and as usual, I’ll do the reviews here.  No doubt the phones will come with enhanced technologies as we move with the times.

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