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Chapa Dimba Chronicles: Margaret Nafula’s Inspiring Jouney Fueled by Passion, Family, and Faith

by Femme Staff

As Safaricom Chapa Dimba continues to take shape region after region, we are getting to know more people who are each making significant contributions towards the end goal of the program.

This Saturday at the Coast Reginal Finals in Mombasa, we caught up with Margaret Nafula who scored big for her team Changamwe Ladies which ended up winning the coast title. By the end of the first half, she had garnered two goals for her team, quite a feat for the young woman. To crown it all, she went ahead to score another goal on Sunday during the finals. Her favorite position is wings Number 7 and 11, since she can get a chance to open and still get a clear path to score.

Margaret has always had not just a fleeting interest in football, but deep love and interest. It helps that her family including her mum and younger siblings are also football players, so she feels right at home with the game. The young mother of one attributes part of her success to the support and encouragement she gets from home, and she appreciates that not everyone, especially girls get it.

As a mother of one, Margaret’s biggest achievement in her football endeavors is that she makes money to support her mum and her child. She has already completed fourth form at Chisare Secondary School and as she moves on to further areas of her studies, she’s hoping that football will continue being a source of income towards her fees.

What does she love about Chapa Dimba?

The power that it holds to get into the grassroots and discover players who would otherwise never have been discovered. She says that Chapa Dimba will unearth unique talents that even the players themselves may not know they possess. In the end, she can foresee the growth of football not just grassroots but at national levels as well, and more people will continue earning from it.

Margaret’s long-term goal is to play for Harambee Stars. She really looks up to Harambee Starlet Jentrix Shikangwa and wishes to play just like her and get to that level. Her immediate plan is to improve her dribbling prowess even as she practices the overall game more.

What would she like to say to upcoming young players?

God first. It is her firm belief in God that has seen her to where she is confident that he will see her through more. She also advises them to respect their coaches and be punctual for practice. Be confident so that you do not have pre-game nerves.

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