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Unveiling the OPPO Find N3 Flip: A Fusion of Elegance, Power, and Functionality in the World of Foldable Phones

by Femme Staff

In recent years, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives, with manufacturers upping their game with new features and advancements. One of the latest trends that is exciting the market right now is the re-emergence of foldable phones. I remember using one back in the day and really loving it, but of course at that time phones were of limited technology. I’m therefore elated at this comeback, this time bringing lots of power and high performance and therefore combining style and high functionality.

A few weeks back, late last year, OPPO launched the Find N3 Flip and Find N Fold in their continuous series of powerful foldable phones that the market has taken to really well. I’ve had the pleasure of using the Flip 3 for some weeks now, a statement device that came in and fit right into my life as a woman who likes beautiful, classy, yet powerful devices.


The OPPO Find N3 Flip is undeniably appealing and quite the conversation starter. My unit came in cream colour, which in my books is always a great classic especially in high quality finish phones like the Flip 3.  It adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness especially to a lady’s lifestyle. There are other colour options like misty pink and sleek black.

The OPPO Find N3 Flip offers a level of compactness and portability that makes it just the fit for purses, pockets, and small compartments. When folded out, the device is a full normal screen size at 6.8” which is quite sufficient for full phone use. It also features a fully functional cover screen of 3.26” with operations like quick access to apps and a view finder for the back cameras.  The screen can be customized with an array of pre-installed options like bitmoji, text art, clocks or animated pet emojis which is my screen saver of choice. You can also pick media from your phone gallery. The functions on the cover screen are operatable through swipes, double taps and long presses. 

With a foldable device, one obvious worry would be the crease. But OPPO has done an excellent job at minimizing this to near zero. It has delivered a near flowless screen that gives the assurance of longevity and therefore value for money.


The OPPO Find N3 Flip comes with high resolution cameras with ensure clear crisp photos even in not so optimal lighting conditions. OPPO has never gone wrong with cameras and the Flip 3 is no exception. The back camera features 50M main and 48MP ultrawide, while the selfie camera is 32MP. Both will shoot video at an impressive 4K. This combination of features in the overall camera system puts immense photography power in the palms of phone users.

One of my favourite features of the selfie camera is that the OPPO Find N3 Flip is that it is its own stand, so that you can take photos without that obvious ‘selfie hand’ showing through. This also makes it a great companion for shooting video content and especially timelapses, while eliminating the need for a tripod.


OPPO has done magic with the Find N3 Flit when it comes to battery. At 4300mAh, this battery pleasantly surprised me when I was able to use it for a full day of fieldwork and still go home with 21% battery level left. This was a day when I was on social media throughout and also taking photos and videos here and there. For average to low users though, a single charge is enough to carry them through the day and even well into the evening. The device has 44W wired charging which will give users 50% charge in under half an hour.


The OPPO Find N3 Flip ships out with Android 13 and OPPO’s ColorOS 13.2 – a powerful combination for a modern, safe, and secure phone that is highly customizable.

What is ColorOS?

ColorOS is an OPPO user interface that is layered on top of the Android operating system. This gives OPPO users creative freedom to tweak their phones to a great level of personalization, not only in terms of look and feel but other areas like power conservation, convenience tools and app optimization. In the end, users have phones that truly reflect their personalities. It makes perfect sense why this is such an important feature. Because as a client, it is you who remains with the phone in the palm of your hand for days and maybe years on end. It better look like you want it to look. Since the OS is Android based, it has the full spectrum of Android benefits for a safe and up-to date phone.


Behind every high-performance phone is a powerful chip that sees to smooth running without frustrating lags and glitches. For the OPPO Find N3 Flip, we have the highly efficient Mediatek Dimensity 9200 (4 nm). If we can use gaming as an example, the phone is able to blaze through complex graphics, fast movements and fast player reactions without breaking a sweat. This goes to show that it performs great even for less intensive functions.

The phone also comes with 256GB internal memory and 12GM RAM, quite adequate even for multitasking on the most memory hogging apps without lags. This RAM is especially great for heavy users like gamers who as mentioned above, need to use heavy graphics and animations at super-fast speeds. With 256GM ROM, I’m able to store lots and lots of family memories in high resolution videos and stills without worrying about running out of space.


For anyone on the lookout for a unique device, this is it. A trusted brand, in terms of quality, longevity and performance. There is also the level of aesthetics you get, plus the power that the phone puts in your hands. What I have in this article are just a few key features, otherwise a lot more lies within the device. Some time and curiosity will have you discovering the phone in full with time.

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